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July 29, 2022

Commissioner Spotlight | Tiffany Williams Brewer

Tamara P. Nash
Tiffany Williams Brewer; ABA Commission on Racial and Ethic Diversity in the Profession

Tiffany Williams Brewer; ABA Commission on Racial and Ethic Diversity in the Profession

We asked first year Commissioner, Tiffany Williams Brewer, about her service on the Commission. Here is what she had to say!

Where are you currently employed? I am the Chair of the NJ State Commission of Investigation and Assistant Professor at Howard University School of Law.

How long have you served on the Commission? I am finishing up my first year on the Commission and I am honored to serve!

This year, what are your assignments on the Commission? This year, I served formally on the Spirit of Excellence Award Committee where I was the liaison to Judge Carlos Moore.  I also served on the Policy Sub-committee where I would make recommendations on the Commission's support of ABA proposed resolutions.  I also assisted in leading a team for strategic planning in determining areas of need for our mission to address retention for minority lawyers in the profession.  In our strategic planning work, I also reached the representative of the Diversity Committee of the Board of Governors and the Chair of the ABA Disability Rights Commission to get their stakeholder input on our mission's capacities in their areas of expertise.  Finally, I represented the Commission and the entire Diversity Center in soliciting, compiling and drafting recommended revisions to the ABA CLE Diversity Policy in light of the recent ruling in the state of Florida.

As your first term ends, what brings you pride about your work with the Commission? I feel proud to have accomplished all of the projects that I approached and particularly to assist in highlighting the work of the awardees of the Spirit of Excellence and in driving our strategic plan forward.

What do you feel the Commission offers the broader ABA? The Commission offers the opportunity to lead the Association in real solutions for the lack of diversity in the profession.  Through our survey and reports, we educate and illuminate the profession while also fostering accountability and frameworks to participate in solutions.  Finally, the Commission also offers recognition to role models of diversity and provides an outlet for the Commissioners to contemplate their larger role in advancing the profession while serving on the Commission and beyond.  I am a better professional and social justice advocate in our profession as a result of serving on this Commission.

What are some of your hobbies? I am newlywed so I love to travel and experience new places with my husband and we are also sports enthusiasts--so attending sporting events is a favorite hobby.  I am also very creative so I participate in occasional opportunities for vocal or dance performance.  My faith is a strong part of my life and some of my hobbies actually revolve around the expression of my faith.  Years ago, I started The Esther Project, a women's empowerment organization inspiring women and girls to discover their life purpose and help women/girls in crisis.  That hobby has turned into an institute where I get to express my passion for empowering women in many fun ways as well.  

If you were a dessert, what would you be? Creme brulee for sure because the real flavor is bought out by the fiery torching.   Like creme brulee, my gifts, passions and value have been revealed by the fire of a stimulating life and I hope that the sweetness of my legacy will be in every bite.

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