October 23, 2019

Susan Guthrie: The Mechanics of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) & Building Your Legal Brand

Susan Guthrie, an online divorce mediation specialist, discusses her family law practice, “Divorce in a Better Way,” (also the name of her website).  Innovation emboldens this dialogue, with topics including the new wave of online dispute resolution (ODR), with an offering of useful platforms to keep mediation both amicable and outside of the court, and diversifying your legal brand through use of social media and podcasts (spoiler alert: Susan leads two podcast, That Got Me Thinking and Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast, and a retreat, Best You Ever (B.Y.E.)). 

Susan also serves as Co-Chair of the Section's Mediation Committee and Co-Chair of the Planning Committee for the Annual Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Institute.