January 19, 2021

Pathways to Mindfulness with Phyllis Morgan, Founder and Principal Consultant at Resilient at Work

In this episode, Phyllis Morgan discusses her journey in mindfulness with Rekha Rangachari and how delegates can apply these tools in their own lives. Focused on building resilience at work, from myriad vantage points from her career in the law, Phyllis shares a novel scale of evaluation she developed — Mindful Management of Self in Conflict Scale (https://www.smartbizquiztribe.com/quiz/2187).

Phyllis also teases out how to create opportunities for one’s personal brand (including the mantra, “Be Courageous!”). Tune in to learn more. Contact Phyllis Morgan at phillis@resilientatwork.com and view her bio at https://www.resilientatwork.com/about.