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Mediation Week Toolkit

The theme for this year’s ABA Mediation Week is “The Importance of Selecting Diverse Neutrals- Using Resolution 105”. As lawyers and mediators, we should strive to play an active role in promoting a more civil public discourse. Programs held during ABA Mediation Week will provide interested parties tools to view mediation itself as a form of civil discourse, with materials that encourage lawyers, mediators, and other advocates to enter into constructive, civil dialogue during mediation.

For more information and to see a listing of events visit our Mediation Week Home Page

If you are interested in sponsoring an activity this year, please complete the registration form which sets forth information about your organization and your contemplated activity.

Mediation Week Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources and sample materials for practitioners, organizations and bar associations to use to celebrate Mediation Week. The toolkit includes sample talking points and handout materials which can be used to give a presentation to lawyers, students as well as to other target audiences. The toolkit also includes resources and practice development materials for attorneys and practitioners. The ABA encourages your organization to reach out to your local communities and schools and use the toolkit to give presentations about mediation during Mediation Week and afterwards. 

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact: Linda Warren Seely at the American bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution: [email protected]

Resources for Developing and Conducting Mediation Week Programs in your Geographic Area

Below is a "seminar in a box" focused on The Importance of Selecting Diverse Neutrals-Using Resolution 105 that you can easily adopt to your own geographic needs, practices, and available speakers.

The passage of Resolution 105 by the ABA House of Delegates in August of 2018 has reaffirmed the importance of selecting diverse neutrals when selecting someone to serve as a mediator . Many local organizers of ABA Mediation Week activities in October are focusing their efforts on diverstiy, and using their events to advocate and demonstrate the importance of selecting diverse neutrals.

Listed below are resources and articles published by some of the top nonprofit organizations in the field that can help you learn more about how to organize, promote, and train for diversity in the selection of a mediator. These are just a representative sample of the wealth of information available.

  • ABA Resolution 105:  In August 2018, the ABA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 105 which urges lawyers to select a diverse neutral when looking to hire someone for a mediation.