Resolutions: A Podcast About Dispute Resolution and Prevention

It might sound hard to believe, but those involved in political disputes at the local, state, and federal level occasionally find win-win solutions. In today’s episode, we meet two organizations that were locking heads over energy issues in Virginia and found a way to work better together, with the help of a skilled mediator. You heard from the parties two weeks ago in part 1. Today in Part 2, you’ll hear from the mediator.

Political Peacemaking? Yes, It Happens! Part 2

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Consumer Arbitration National Roundtable Summary Report

This Summary Report and its attachments: 1) summarize the discussions at the Roundtable and the Planning Committee’s conclusions, 2) provide an overview of related empirical studies and the range of dispute resolution programs and processes available to resolve consumer disputes, and 3) include an annotated list of key resources.

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