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October 27, 2023

Message from the Committee Chairs

Mission: Strive for diversity within the dispute resolution profession and to have it mirror the diversity of our society.

Joanne Saint-Louis & Arnettia Wyre, Co-Chairs

Welcome to this month’s edition of Just Resolutions!

Our goal as the Diversity Committee is clear and vital: elevate the number of diverse dispute resolution professionals to reflect our society's rich tapestry. Diversity isn’t merely a quota; it infuses varied experiences and perspectives into our profession. In dispute resolution, understanding myriad viewpoints is paramount. Can we truly bridge differences if our own ranks lack broad perspective?

However, our task extends beyond simply increasing numbers. We must empower every voice, ensuring they possess the tools and environment for genuine equity. Our roadmap rests on collaboration. Individual efforts, no matter how fervent, cannot effectuate this change alone. It’s a collective endeavor involving each committee member, our professional community, and all stakeholders.

Providing tools for equity is central. We're not only opening doors but guiding pathways through mentorship, resources, and training. We’re not just inviting voices in but ensuring they’re amplified once inside.

In essence, our challenge is sizeable, but with collaboration, a clear mission, and the right tools, we can mirror society within our profession. Let's champion this transformative journey together, making dispute resolution a true reflection of all it serves. I hope you will find the resources included helpful in doing just that!

All the Best,

Joanne Saint-Louis & Arnettia Wyre, Co-Chairs

Equity Resource Tools

The Diversity Committee is committed to sharing tools to advance our mission. To that end, as you look for diverse facilitators, mediators, and arbitrators to recommend to your clients, co-author publications, or speak on panels, consider using the DIDR and WIDR directories as a resource to expand outside of your usual reach.

Also, join our monthly committee meetings which occur on the 1st Thursday of each month at 12 p.m. ET. We use these meetings to not only share information but to provide lots of useful tools as well.

Diversity Committee Receives Award

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Committee on Oversight and Development awarded the 2021-2022 Diversity Committee with the 2023 Ladder Award. This award was part of a congratulatory effort by the Committee on Oversight and Development to promote the hard work and dedication of the committee-driven efforts of leadership. The Committee continues to work hard to bring impactful programming to enhance our community.

Calling All Committee Members

Back in August, we put out a survey to gauge what our members would like to see this bar year. Doubt fret if you missed out on sharing your thoughts. We still want to hear from you! Your leadership is committed to creating programming that will be the most impactful to our members. Please email your ideas to [email protected]. If you would like to assist us with those efforts, please just reach out because we need you! Many hands make light work!

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