Just Resolutions Newsletter

November 2018

WIDR Edition

Welcome from the Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR) Committee Chairs

Welcome to the Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR) Committee’s seventh edition of Just Resolutions.

With membership over 300 strong, WIDR is a committee of professionals within the Dispute Resolution Section committed to ensuring the full scope of opportunities are available to women in the dispute resolution field. We provide business resources and a supportive community to advance ourselves and each other.

Featured Articles

Forget the Shark and Be a Dolphin Instead:  Structured Negotiation Skills for Practitioners
By Lainey Feingold

Everywhere you turn, sharks are used as a metaphor for attorneys…I reject the shark; I prefer the dolphin.

When the Mediator is Transformed into the Arbitrator
By Renee Gerstman

Parties who leave a mediation having reached agreement generally do not anticipate further action on the part of the mediator. This assumption about the mediator’s future involvement in the matter may not be correct.

Preparing Reasoned Awards in Arbitration
By Kate Krause

There is no accepted definition for what constitutes a “reasoned” award. In general, a reasoned award summarizes the facts and the law applicable to the issues presented…

Innovative Women in ADR: AAA-ICDR Foundation Funded Programs Led by and for Women
Rebecca Storrow

The American Arbitration Association started a public foundation, the AAA-ICDR Foundation, as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2015. The Foundation has funded many innovative projects that are either led by or created to benefit women.

Using Neuroscience to Understand Stress and Improve Mediation
By Jill S. Tanz

People involved in conflict generally, and in mediation specifically, encounter many events that initiate the physiologic stress response. What is this response and what triggers it?

Getting the Word Out -- ABA Resolution 105 and Diversity in Dispute Resolution
By Conna A. Weiner

The House of Delegates of the ABA recently adopted an important resolution, Resolution 105, aimed at increasing diversity in dispute resolution…Section of Dispute Resolution Chair Harrie Samaras has now appointed a Steering Committee to roll out the Resolution with concrete action steps.

WIDR Members Out and About

Read all about what WIDR members have been doing in the last few months.

Representation in Mediation Competition

Registration is now open for the 2018-2019 Representation in Mediation Competition for law students.

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