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Just Resolutions June 2023 - Early Dispute Resolution


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Keep an eye on our events page in the coming weeks for information on how to register for these upcoming programs.

Upcoming Events

July 12 Webinar, 1 pm ET
Transcending Intractable Conflict

Transcending intractable arguments is never easy. Supporting clients to view mediation as a dance rather than a boxing match can help bring even the most heated discussions to peaceful resolution. This program will provide practitioners simple tools to help parties unmask untold stories that ultimately will help support resolving even the most entrenched conflicts in unexpected ways.

October 11 Webinar, 1 pm ET
Family Crisis at the Gate: Mediate, Don’t Litigate

This program will inform you about the benefits of mediation versus litigation. Why mediate? Why not just let a judge in a courtroom decide? Whether facing divorce, addiction or mental health issues that put children at risk - or a host of other family crises - you should consider the alternative of mediation.

October 18-19, Virtual Conference
20th Annual Advanced Mediation & Advocacy Skills Institute

This 2-day virtual Institute features the opportunity to learn from some of the leading social, behavioral and legal authorities in the field. Join us for an exploration of new mediation advancements that build on several pandemic-era discoveries and innovations in technique, delivery and technology. Advocates, practitioners, educators and consumers of ADR services alike will not want to miss it!

Events Spotlight

Earlier this month we held the webinar “Arbitration Arising from the War in Ukraine: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead.” The panelists discussed disputes triggered by the Russia–Ukraine war and available legal enforcement measures. If you missed registering for the live webinar, you can still register here to watch the program on-demand! It is free for Section of Dispute Resolution Members.

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