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December 20, 2023

Message from the Committee Chairs

Mission: Serving as a leading resource for business and professional development of women Dispute Resolution professionals to ensure them the full scope of opportunities in dispute resolution; outreach to and interacting with women’s networking groups.

Welcome to the December 2023 issue of Just Resolutions, sponsored by the Women in Dispute Resolution Committee (WIDR). Over the past two years, WIDR has focused ensuring that women are fully included in all corners of the ADR profession, by hosting regular virtual and in-person events aimed at connecting WIDR members with appointment opportunities.

WIDR’s Just Resolutions newsletter highlights the importance of storytelling in the ADR profession, and also features the stories of some of our members, as they strive to forge a path to democracy, create access to justice and build peace. WIDR invites you to view the world through their eyes as they share their experiences.

Please feel encouraged to participate in WIDR’s programs, announced through the WIDR Listserv and the WIDR ABA Communities page. We prepare regular events where thought leaders and appointers share advice on how to be more effective as a neutral and how to improve one’s ADR practice.

Lisa Smith,
WIDR Newsletter Editor 2023

Katherine Simpson
Chair, Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR) Committee (2022-2024)

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