November 19, 2019

November 2019 - Women in Dispute Resolution


Welcome to the November 2019 issue of Just Resolutions, sponsored by WIDR, the Women in Dispute Resolution committee. WIDR has largely focused during the last few years on the passage and rollout of ABA Resolution 105, which promotes the use of diverse arbitrators and mediators. This year, we’ve shifted our focus to helping our members as they strive to be known for their excellence as well as their diversity. We’ve adopted a theme:  That’s a Great Idea: How to Improve Your ADR Practice. We’re implementing it in this issue of Just Resolutions by presenting authors with practical suggestions for enhancing our mediation skills through a better understanding of emotional intelligence, presenting ourselves effectively as arbitrators, and marketing our dispute resolution practices. 

Please consider joining us for our monthly meetings, noon Eastern on the first Friday of the month. We plan on presenting fairly short, informal programs with ideas on how to be more effective as an arbitrator or mediator and how to improve the operation of your dispute resolution practice. 

Patricia Nolan
WIDR chair

Linda Michler
Chair of the subcommittee on regional chairs

Deborah Hylton
Chair of the subcommittee on outreach

Featured Articles

The Socially Intelligent Mediator
By Kay Elkins-Elliott

Until 1995, the term emotional intelligence (EI) was not in general use by psychologists or the media. Daniel Goleman brought it into the spotlight that year with his book on the subject. In 2006, his book Social Intelligence (SI) amplified our understanding of these types of intelligence. Read more

Social Media Marketing for Mediators and Arbitrators
By Natalie Armstrong-Motin

Since the launch of the internet and social media platforms, some of the ways in which dispute resolution professionals build a practice have changed. Many things have stayed the same. For example, our clients still hire us primarily because they know us, like us, and trust us. Establishing trust and creating relationships with prospective clients is still a requirement of our marketing efforts. Read more

What Makes an Arbitrator Attractive to Counsel and Parties?
By Jeffrey T. Zaino

One of the most important aspects of the arbitration process is the ability to select your own decision maker. Unlike in court where you are assigned your decision maker, arbitration affords the parties several avenues to select the tribunal (i.e. sole arbitrator or panel of three arbitrators). The ideal scenario is when the parties come to the process mutually agreeing to the arbitrator. Read More

Beyond Smart: Lawyering with Emotional Intelligence

Author, Ronda Muir, has written the first comprehensive guide to understanding, using and raising emotional intelligence in the unique context of law practice. This user-friendly practical resource is designed for legal professionals who desires to improve their communication, client service and leadership skills and create a high performance, high functioning workplace.

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News About WIDR Members

Louise Phipps Senft, author of the bestseller Being Relational and co-author of The Best Lawyer You Can Be, received the Trailblazer in Humanitarianism Award for teaching conflict transformation skills to “Violence Interrupters” at Safe Streets, a public health program to reduce gun violence. She also gave the keynote address at the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Annual Conference, where she spoke about how a relational mindset contributes to a healthier practice and building a legacy.

Ana M. Sambold, WIDR chair for the San Diego area, was invited by the Government of Singapore to attend the Signing Ceremony of the Singapore Convention on Mediation in August and is a frequent presenter on the subject. Please join her in Houston for the ABA Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Institute on November 15-16. 

Jade Solutions Principal Tina Patterson is one of 27 individuals recently accepted to serve on the District of Columbia Bar Attorney/Client Arbitration Board (ACAB) Arbitrator Roster. The ACAB provides a relatively informal and efficient arbitration service for D.C. Bar members and their clients to resolve disputes about legal fees.

Spring Conference Registration Now Open

New Orleans Sheraton
April 22 – 25, 2020

Join dispute resolution experts from all over the globe at the 2020 Spring Conference in New Orleans. Registration is now open.

The 2020 Spring Conference presents an excellent opportunity to share and learn innovative tools and techniques for successful conflict resolution and prevention. The conference theme - Innovation, Improvisation, and Inspiration - will explore the new techniques, technologies, and methodologies that are being developed and used by dispute resolution advocates, neutrals, and legal educators.

The deadline to make a hotel reservation is March 30th, however we advise attendees to make reservations as soon as possible because the New Orleans Jazz Fest overlaps with the conference.
View Conference Hotel and Travel Information.

We encourage you to consider any level of sponsorship that you, your organization, and/or your friends would be interested in for the 22nd Annual ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference. Use this opportunity to promote yourself or your organization to a group of interested dispute resolution professionals.

2020 Spring Conference Sponsorship, Exhibiting, and Advertising Opportunities

December Webinars

Let’s Get Visual: Opportunities to Leverage the POWER of Visual Communication in Your Mediation Practice
December 4

Join Lisa Arora, an expert visual mediator to discover the ways YOU (yes you) can use visual communication to make mediation process more effective, creative and empowering for YOUR clients. When parties can literally see what they’re saying, there's a catalytic effect on the conversation and improved decision-making. Writing stuff down is so simple, come learn why the impact is so profound.

Hidden Concepts in Negotiation: What You Never Learned in Law School
December 18

Andrea Schneider and Chris Honeyman, two well respected teachers of Negotiation and authors and editors of the new Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers (ABA, 2019) share some practical and yet less well known tips to mediating and negotiating more effectively. Even experienced negotiators may focus almost exclusively on what are in essence the basic negotiation skills. The field is actually vast and the skills themselves limitless. Gain the advantage by learning more advanced aspects of this endlessly fascinating skill. Please join us to learn some secrets your law professor might have covered in Advanced Negotiation 2.0.

Arbitration Institute

March 9-10, 2020
Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law
Phoenix, AZ

This two-day interactive course provides a thorough look at the entire arbitration process from the perspective of all participants - arbitrators, in-house counsel and advocates. Jammed with useable information as well as opportunities to interact with leading arbitrators and advocates. Featuring talks by a federal judge on what he looks for when reviewing an Award and from AAA counsel on how arbitrators get into trouble.

For more information and to register.

Representation in Mediation Competition

Law schools that wish to participate in the 2019-2020 Representation in Mediation Competition may now register. Read the detailed information posted on the Competition web page and follow the steps to register teams.

Section Director Meets with Partners for Democratic Change

On October 21, 2019, the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Director, Linda Warren Seely, and MidAtlantic Regional Group Committee Member, Daya Naef, met with visitors from across the globe who are working with PartnersGlobal. The focus of the meeting was on the issue of credentialing for mediators and how that might increase awareness of mediation among the general population and raise the professionalism profile. Read about the meeting participants

14th Annual Fordham Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation

Fordham Law School
November 22, 2019

Attend this engaging event with global leaders in the field of arbitration and mediation. This year, the event is part of New York International Arbitration Week: November 20-22, 2019

Publish with the ABA

The Dispute Resolution Section is seeking new books for its publishing program! Prospective topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mediation—advanced practice tips
  • Arbitration—especially in the international arena
  • Ombuds
  • The intersections of new technology and dispute resolution
  • The intersections of social science and dispute resolution
  • Guidance for developing and managing a dispute resolution practice
  • Guidance for marketing a dispute resolution practice

If you are considering writing a book, we encourage you to contact ABA Publishing Executive Editor Sarah Craig ( to discuss your project and its potential fit with the Section’s publishing program.

Dispute Resolution position at the 10th Circuit

Director of Workplace Relations

The Director of Workplace Relations serves as the primary expert on resolving internal employment disputes and related workplace conduct issues throughout the Tenth Circuit. As a new position, the incumbent will have a unique opportunity to create and promote a Circuit-wide workplace conduct office that will serve as a resource for all court units in the Circuit. The Tenth Circuit is comprised of six states: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma. As a member of the Circuit Executive’s Office, the Director of Workplace Relations will develop and implement policies, training, and outreach, as well as provide insight on fair employment practices and best practices related to workplace relations

For more information or to apply