March 22, 2019

March 2019 - Mediation Committee

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Message from the Co-Chairs

Welcome to the March 2019 Issue of Just Resolutions, sponsored by the Mediation Committee. Our issue is focused around the theme of New Frontiers in Mediation. This issue looks at where the profession is going, in terms of accreditation and regulation, as well as developments in how we think about and practice mediation. We are pleased to be able to highlight the work of some very creative mediators.

We have two articles on accreditation and regulatory developments in this issue. One is an article supporting voluntary accreditation. The other reviews California’s new law on mediation confidentiality. We hope these timely articles will provoke discussion and additional work in this area around the country.

Our authors also highlight developments in the field with the potential to shake up established practice. Visual mediation presents the use of live interactive visual communications to guide the mediation process, replacing the tradition role of notetaking by the mediator for her own use. On-line mediation explores how mediation techniques can be adapted to work in an on-line setting. The interview with the author of a new book on reflective practice describes how reflective practice can enable mediators to maintain consciousness of their own viewpoints to avoid substituting it for that of the parties. The article on Deconstructing and Reinventing Modern Mediation Practice advocates for a new model in evaluating, timing, preparing for and conducting mediation.

We hope each of these articles causes our readers to reexamine aspects of practice we sometimes take for granted. Continuing learning is a hallmark of our field.

Thanks to Mediation Committee members Judith Starr, Susan Guthrie and Doug Witten for putting together this issue.

Kind Regards,

Mark LeHockey
Joe Esposito

Featured Articles

California’s Newest Approach to Mediation Confidentiality and Attorney Malpractice
Ana M. Sambold, Esq.

On September 11, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 954, requiring attorneys to inform their clients of all confidentiality restrictions related to mediation and to obtain a signed acknowledgment stating that the client understands them. The new law is squarely aimed at educating clients of the stringent California mediation confidentiality rules and allowing clients to make a better-informed decision before agreeing to mediation. Read more

Deconstructing Modern Mediation Practice: Time and Timing is Everything
Mark LeHockey

Starting a few decades ago, civil mediation practice arguably got us off on the wrong foot, and today we still needlessly fumble around. Mimicking late stage mandatory judicial conferences -- marathon sessions held shortly before trial and run by judges more familiar with calling balls and strikes than exploring alternatives -- civil mediation practice today too often follows this tired path. Read more

The Future is Online – Why You Need to Offer Online Dispute Resolution Services
Susan E. Guthrie

In today’s fast-paced world, clients are increasingly looking for convenience and efficiency in all areas of their lives – including when it comes to dispute resolution. No more do scheduling, traffic, child care and geographic location need to influence the conduct of a mediation session. Read more

MC3 Certification: A Credentialing Initiative Built on the Recommendations of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Task Force on Mediator Credentialing
Adam Ravitch

Credentialing of mediators has long been a contentious topic in the mediation community. Some see credentialing as intrusive and unnecessary or see advantages to leaving the field open to all mediators without regard to training or experience. Read more

Author, Author! An Interview with Michael Lang, Author of The Guide to Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution
Judith Starr

Judith Starr interviews mediator and author Michael Lang on his new book, The Guide to Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution. Read more

“Mediation Career Strategies” Program/Webinar
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Please join us for this informational program with a panel of esteemed judges, private practitioners, academics and public servants who will share their experiences, insights and advice on developing a career in mediation. After sharing their insights, attendees will get a chance to speak with the panel at the reception. Whether your interest is in family law, commercial transactions, labor and employment law or more, you won’t want to miss this event! Please RSVP by 3/18/19 at

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