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February 26, 2019

February 2019 - Young Professionals’ Committee

Welcome to Just Resolutions - The Young Professionals’ Edition

Practical Strategies for Promoting Diversity in the Field of Dispute Resolution

The Young Professionals’ Committee (“the YPs”) proudly present Practical Strategies for Promoting Diversity in the Field of Dispute Resolution, as part of the YP’s 2018-2019 agenda, The Year of the Young Professional. In this edition, the YPs showcase their dynamic insight into the field of dispute resolution by shining the light on diversity. 

Featured Articles

ADR Institutions Got 99 Problems and Diversity Remains One: Inclusion for LGBTQ+ and Disabled Individuals
By Molly O’Casey

In a recent case, Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) v. Iconix, Jay-Z publicized the issue of diversity in ADR by requesting an arbitration be enjoined on the grounds that the American Arbitration Association (AAA) could not provide enough qualified black neutrals.  Jay-Z withdrew his motion following negotiations with AAA and the respondents modifying the selection criteria to provide for more diverse neutrals.

Can’t Knock the Hustle… [To Broaden Diversity in Arbitration]
By Rekha Rangachari

On November 28, Rapper Jay-Z filed a petition in Manhattan Supreme Court pertaining to an ongoing arbitration administered by the AAA-ICDR. He sought (i) a temporary restraining order to halt Iconix from pursuing claims in arbitration; (ii) a preliminary injunction staying arbitration for a period of ninety days for the parties to find suitable African-American arbitrator candidates; and (iii) a permanent stay of the arbitration.

The Commercial Demand for Diversity in ADR: The Legal Economy as a Catalyst for Social Change
By Ramina Dehkhoda-Steele, Esq. and Bryan J. Branon, Esq.
Contributor: Joel Stern

Can commercial demand for diversity in the legal economy impact the way society views diversity at-large? That is, if corporations and those they employ demand a legal system in which their laws, attorneys, mediators, arbitrators and judges reflect diversity in its various forms, what impact will that have for society as a whole?

Shining the Light - Making the Most Our of Your Bar Membership
By Andrea Johnson

Young Professional Andrea R. Johnson, GW Law ’19, received the Founders Scholarship from the Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA). The FCBA's Law School Scholarship Committee reviewed applications from current students at law schools across the country who demonstrated merit and need, as well as an interest in the legal issues pertinent to the Federal Circuit’s jurisdiction.

Member Spotlight

Mansi Karol, Mediation Committee Newsletter Chair


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Here are 11 tips to avoid arbitration slip-ups
Originally Published in ABA Journal
by Peter Khalil

During nearly a decade as a commercial arbitrator, I have seen some of the most qualified lawyers in the business fumble and flail during what is supposed to be a less nerve-wracking proceeding than an actual court trial. It seems that even seasoned advocates have trouble finding their balance in the hearing room, when the rules are a bit more loose and expectations perhaps a little more blurry. 

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