Mediation Week

ABA Mediation Week will be held during the week of October 14 - 20, 2018. The theme for this year’s ABA Mediation Week is “Mediation, Civil Discourse, and ABA 2011 Resolution 108”

2018 Mediation Week Events List

Organizations and Institutions from around the world will hold events in recognition of ABA Mediation Week.

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ABA 2011 Resolution 108 was a call for Action to make meaningful steps to enhance the constructive role of lawyers in promoting a more civil public discourse. In Andrea Leskes  2013 article – A Plea for Civil Discourse:, among other things, she proposed that discourse that is civil means that those involved

  • Undertake a serious exchange of views
  • Focus on the issues rather than the individuals
  • Thoughtfully listen to what others say
  • Seek the sources of disagreement and points of common interest
  • Embody open-mindedness and willingness to change minds.
  • Defend their interpretation using verified information
  • Assume they will need to compromise and be willing to do so
  • Treat the ideas of others with respect.

A 2011 conversation among national leaders defined civil discourse as ‘robust, honest, frank and constructive dialogue and deliberation that seeks to advance the public interest’.  Given that these are all components of effective mediation, does that mean mediation is a form of civil discourse?

Please read ABA Resolution 108 and Andrea’ article and consider whether or not your organization can promote mediation in your community with an event during ABA Mediation Week – October 14 – 20.

The ABA Mediation Week initiative is a celebration of the strides we have made in institutionalizing mediation as one of several appropriate dispute resolution processes. 

If you would like your event or activity listed as part of the ABA Mediation Week on the ABA website this year, please complete this registration form which sets forth information about your organization and your contemplated activity.

For more information contact Ashley Jackson at or 202-662-1680.

We have put together a Toolkit of resources to help organizations and individuals help promote mediation and Mediation Week.