Diversity Committee

Work Available for Fellows

Fellows will have the opportunity to support the Committee's work developing and disseminating tools to help the Section membership expand their practices to become inclusive of diverse perspectives.  An example of such a resource is our "Integrating Diverse Perspectives In Our Practices" webinar and tipsheet to help all practitioners be sensitive and accessible based on gender, cultural, and disability dimensions.  Through their work disseminating these resources, Fellows will gain an opportunity to network with the Dispute Resolution community, and make an impact on these professionals' awareness of diverse perspectives.  Through their assistance developing resources, Fellows will gain experience operationalizing core Dispute Resolution values of impartiality, self-determination, empowerment, and equity.  This Committee provides an opportunity to tangibly put these core values into practice.

What We Look For in Fellows

We seek people who are excited to make a difference in the Dispute Resolution Section and Community in the areas of diversity, inclusivity, and equity.  We also welcome people committed to adapting core dispute resolution values to empower diverse stakeholders.  Interest in connecting with others in the field to help spread our initiatives and in making a difference are a plus.