Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work

Nominations are due September 30th

This Award was created by the Dispute Resolution Section and approved by the American Bar Association Board of Governors to recognize outstanding scholarly work in the dispute resolution field. It is presented annually at the Legal Educators Colloquium at the Section’s Annual Conference.


  1. An individual whose scholarship has contributed significantly to the dispute resolution field is eligible for this Award if he or she meets the criteria set forth below.
  2. The nominees for this Award shall be judged using one or more of the following criteria:
    1. Authored a scholarly publication or a body of work exhibiting excellence in research, writing, and analysis or the introduction of new concepts in dispute resolution; or
    2. Embodied “scholarship in action” for a collective body of work that brings theory to practice in developing (for example) laws, uniform acts, codes of conduct, protocols, competitions, or new programs and services over a sustained period of time.

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Current Recipient

Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley selected as 2020 Recipient of Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work

The 2020 Scholarly work award honors Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, of Fordham University. Professor Nolan-Haley is recognized for her work in Northern Ireland designing key spots to apply mediation as a means of overcoming division following the peace accords. Training key people to begin pilots in those key spots, and a number of these have spread and helped to allow people to work across rifts left by "the troubles." Several of her publications reflect this work, which continues to have an impact about 20 years after she began it. Her Northern Ireland contributions can guide those in the U.S. seeking to find collaborative processes to help overcome U.S. divisions. In addition, she maintains a strong justice lens as she updates her dispute resolution Nutshell, now in its 4th edition, and spins off important articles about potential injustices such as in access and informed consent. From her clinical work, she also raises issues about the loss of flexibility and party involvement as mediation is institutionalized and raised an alarm in her article that garnered a CPR article award.

Past Recipients

2019 – Joseph B. Stulberg

2018 - Charles Craver

2017- Andrea Kupfer Schneider

2016 – Robert Mnookin

2015 – Jean Sternlight

2014 – Lisa Blomgren Amsler

2013 – Leonard Riskin

2012 – Frank Sander

2011 – Carrie Menkel Meadow