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D'Alemberte Raven Award

The D’Alemberte/Raven Award honors Talbot D’Alemberte and Robert D. Raven, who each held the unique position of being both ABA Presidents and Chairs of either the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution or its predecessor ABA Special Committee. Both guided the ABA to become a leader in the dispute resolution arena: Mr. D’Alemberte as the first Chair (1976-79) of the then ABA Special Committee on Resolution of Minor Disputes, and Mr. Raven as the first Chair (1993-94) of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution.

Eligibility and Criteria

Either an individual or an organization that has contributed significantly to the dispute resolution field is eligible for this Award if they meet the criteria set forth below. 

The nominees for this Award shall have shown leadership in the field of dispute resolution for at least three years.

The nominees shall be judged among the following criteria as they relate to dispute resolution:

  • development of new or innovative programs;
  • demonstrated improvements in service;
  • demonstrated improvements in efficiency;
  • research and/or published writings; and/or
  • development of continuing education programs.

Within two years preceding the date of his/ her nomination, the nominee shall not have served as a member of the D’Alemberte/Raven Award Selection Committee or held an elective office in the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution. 


The nomination period closed on January 31, 2024.

Previous Winners

  • 2024—Susan Yates
  • 2023—Colin Rule
  • 2021—Benjamin Davis
  • 2020—Homer C. La Rue
  • 2018—Thomas Friedman
  • 2017—Ethan Katsh
  • 2016—Laura Chasin
  • 2015—David Hoffman
  • 2014—Governor Bill Richardson
  • 2013—Senator George J. Mitchell
  • 2012—Linda Singer and Michael Lewis
  • 2011—John Feerick
  • 2010—Judge Warren Knight
  • 2009—Magistrate Judge Wayne Brazil
  • 2008—Thomas J. Stipanowich
  • 2007—Charles B. Renfrew
  • 2005—Gerald Aksen
  • 2004—Ambassador Richard Holbrooke
  • 2003—Judge Robert M. Bell
  • 2002—Nancy Rogers
  • 2001—James Henry
  • 2000—Judge Dorothy Nelson
  • 1999—Frank Sander
  • 1997—Attorney General Janet Reno
  • 1995—Roger Fisher