December 12, 2019

Examination Copy and Desk Copy Policy

Learn more about using ABA books in your law school classroom.

Learn more about using ABA books in your law school classroom.

Examination and desk copies of ABA books are available to professors and deans who are considering or have decided to use the books for educational and training purposes in law schools, business schools and other institutions of higher learning.

For Consideration 

An examination copy is a publication that a faculty member chooses to consider for course adoption.  ABA Publishing is pleased to offer both PDF’s and print copies to professors and deans.

PDFs are free and are provided to your school or work email address.  The PDF will contain a watermark stating that it is for the review purposes only and not for reuse or sale. 

Print Copies are offered at 30% discount off the list or applicable member price.  A discount code will be provided for the purposes of receiving the publication at this special price.  If the publication is adopted for course work (within 6 months) it becomes a desk copy.  ABA Publishing will refund your purchase price for up to three desk copies per school year.

Desk Copies

A desk copy is a complimentary copy of a publication furnished for a faculty member's use when the publication has been adopted as a required text for classroom use.  If you choose to adopt the publication you will be requested to provide the following information:

  • Professor’s name and additional instructors’ names if applicable
  • course title
  • course number
  • number of students
  • opening and closing date of course

All requests are subject to staff approval and availability. ABA publishing will confirm with Thompson Reuters that a bulk purchase (10 copies ore more) was placed.  Priority will be given to those who request PDFs. We reserve the right to refuse desk copies to individuals who abuse the program or submit fraudulent requests.

If you received an examination copy in PDF format, a comp desk copy (print) will be provided.  The cost of S/H and applicable taxes will be billed to the professor with desk copy.

General Guidelines

General guidelines for the number of desk copies allowed: 

  • The faculty member who adopts the book will receive one free desk copy, but the minimum number of students in the course must be 10 students or greater. The faculty member must provide an estimated course enrollment when submitting an electronic desk request via this web site. Desk requests tied to course enrollments of fewer than 10 students cannot be fulfilled.
  • Additional instructors may receive one free desk copy per 20 students in the class.
  • No more than 3 additional instructor's copies will be issued.

Contact us

If you are selecting an ABA book for course adoption, please fill out our form. If you have any questions, please contact Francine Bennet.  You will receive a response from the appropriate publishing staff person within 48 hours.