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December 12, 2019 Last Updated

ABA Books for Bars

Discounts on ABA publications for your Bar members

Discounts on ABA publications for your Bar members

15% discount on ABA publications for your members

Once you join ABA Books for Bars, a unique discount code is assigned to your association allowing your members to enjoy a 15% discount on all publication purchases through Shop ABA.

15% annual commission for your association

Throughout the year, the ABA tracks sales from your members through your unique discount code. By March of each year, your association receives a check for 15% of the net revenue from your members’ purchases!

No fee to join!

To enroll, contact us.

Make the most of your code

If you’re already a Books for Bars participant, your members need to hear about this advantage. More shopping through your bar will mean more contributions for you and more savings for your lawyers. Reach out to discover new ways to engage your members and promote your program. 

To learn more, contact us.