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ABA Publishing provides expert legal resources written by lawyers, for lawyers. With quality books from over 35 entities, you can trust ABA Publishing for respected texts on everything from general practice to niche specialties. Members can gain value through established programs perfect for law libraries, bar associations and potential authors.

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The ABA and its dedicated members work tirelessly throughout the year to create original substantive content to advance the legal profession here and around the globe. Each year the ABA authors over 1,000 books, periodicals and newsletters, creating one of the world's richest storehouses of legal knowledge.

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Are you interested in writing for the ABA? Or do you just have a great topic for an ABA publication?

The ABA is a well-respected publisher that is known for providing attorneys and legal professionals with trusted legal resources. The ABA has the publishing staff in place to professionally publish and market legal publications. If you are interested in becoming an author for the ABA, or if you have a topic that would make a great ABA book, contact us to learn more.

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Calling All ABA Authors!

Coming soon, the ABA website will be adding enhanced profiles for authors, speakers, and contributors to its website. These profiles will display a photo, biography, and other information. To support this new feature, we request that ABA contributors take a moment to create (or update) their ABA profile with a few key elements. All it takes it logging on to the site and adding a few pieces of information.

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What We Publish


The American Bar Association and its dedicated members author over 1,000 publications, periodicals, and newsletters each year; exploring broad areas of practice, specific topics of law and issues of debate. Our member-authors are recognized as leaders in their field supporting the rule of law through education.


In addition to the monthly ABA Journal - the world's most read legal publication - the ABA publishes over 100 specialty periodicals through its Sections, Divisions and Forums. Generally, these periodicals are available as a benefit to our members and some are available for sale individually through Shop ABA.


The ABA's scholarly journals are frequently cited in briefs and major decisions. Additionally, many ABA Sections, Divisions and Forums also publish regular print/electronic journals, some exclusively available to members.


The ABA's print and electronic newsletters analyze the latest developments in specialty legal fields and are typically delivered by email. The ABA publishes the weekly Member Pulse and monthly YourABA Newsletters, both available solely to ABA members. ABA Sections, Divisions and Forums also publish regular newsletters.