ABA Forum: Justice and Policing-A Path Forward

ABA Forum

ABA Forum

Friday, July 31 | 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM (CDT)

The killing of George Floyd and other African Americans by law enforcement officers has generated a meteoric rise in civic engagement and calls for police reform. It has also amplified the motivation to address aggressive tactics, brutality, racial disparities and impunity in policing, and identify best practices. As the country searches for solutions to another senseless tragedy, the legal profession is uniquely positioned to impact and influence innovative strategies and new policies, highlight best practices, and craft impactful reforms. 

Please join our panel of leading experts to reflect on what they have learned and outline how they think the country should move forward in pursuit of equal justice.  They will also examine how to improve and change policing in America in the context of broader concerns about systemic racism, inequality and the criminal justice system.

Joey Jackson, Defense Attorney and CNN and HLN Legal Analyst

Dr. Traci Burch, Northwestern University and American Bar Foundation, Chicago, IL
Michael S. Harrison, Baltimore Police Commissioner, Baltimore, MD
Honorable Susie Morgan, US District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA
Tim Scott, U.S. Senator of South Carolina