2020 ABA Virtual Annual Meeting - Convening for Justice                                     

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Scroll down to see the full list of programs from the ABA Virtual Annual Meeting - now available on demand. Please visit the Free CLE Member Benefit Library to view the CLE Showcase programs and get CLE credit.

CLE Showcase Programs

The CLE Showcase takes on tough topics with high profile industry experts. All CLE Showcase Programs are available in the Free CLE Member Benefit Library; ABA log-in required to access.

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Each conversation in the series talks about trending legal topics with authors, government officials, law professors, and industry experts.

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General Assembly and the Presentation of the ABA Medal

The General Assembly celebrates the year with the presentation of the ABA Medal, the American Bar Association’s highest honor, to William H. Neukom, an international champion for justice who has devoted his life and career to public service, access to justice and advancing the rule of law.

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ABA Forum: Justice and Policing-A Path Forward

The killing of George Floyd and other African Americans by law enforcement officers has generated a meteoric rise in civic engagement and calls for police reform. It has also amplified the motivation to address aggressive tactics, brutality, racial disparities and impunity in policing, and identify best practices. As the country searches for solutions to another senseless tragedy, the legal profession is uniquely positioned to impact and influence innovative strategies and new policies, highlight best practices, and craft impactful reforms.

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