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5 Ways The Cloud Delivers Artificial And Business Intelligence That Will Make Your Firm More Competitive

July 22nd 2 PM ET

Many law firms had resisted changing their technology stack because of fears, uncertainty and misinformation about cloud computing. However, due to COVID-19, those firms that were operating as if it were still the 20th century have finally recognized the necessity of cloud computing in order to serve clients while operating efficiently and profitably.

Join us in an exciting webinar presented by Steven Burns, Chief Creative Officer of BQE Software, as he walks you through specific scenarios for law firms and delve into cloud solutions built around the unique needs of your practice. Steven will clarify what it means to move your practice into the cloud, assuage all concerns and demonstrate 5 of the most significant impacts the cloud will provide to your firm via artificial intelligence and real-time business intelligence.

In addition, Steven will explain why your firm must begin moving all operations into the cloud, not only to have increased productivity and profitability, but also to be relevant and competitive into the next decades.


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