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 Increasing Personal Injury Case Value and Client Satisfaction

October 28, 2020 2 pm ET

Personal Injury cases are more complex than they appear. The common message seems to be about the money, and not about the client and their recovery. Successful law firms will support their clients- who are emotionally and physically affected- during their treatment. They begin by setting proper expectations upfront and monitoring/managing the case as if preparing for a trial--including tracking time, costs, and keeping excellent notes to make sure all the history is captured and chronicled.

Mr. Padda will discuss how setting expectations and understanding the client's emotional state of mind after an accident will lead to a better relationship with the client. Creating a working relationship that is built on empathy and caring helps to produce a cooperative client. In addition Mr. Padda will discuss the importance of staying in touch with your client throughout the treatment phase, as maintaining regular contact goes a long way in concluding the case with all parties being satisfied with the result. And lastly, Mr. Padda will discuss the pitfalls of leaking advanced cost, missing liens at disbursement, and not tracking time. Understanding how contingency cases should be managed will increase the value of individual cases.


The 2020 Year-end Accounting Checklist for Law Firms

November 4th, 2020 2 pm ET

The year-end accounting rush is something every lawyer knows all too well, but despite the chaos that comes with waiting, many lawyers still put this off until the last minute. Getting a head start on your to-do list will help save you time and money as your accountant will be able to prepare accurate tax returns on a timely basis, with less need to meet with you to resolve questions. It also means that if you get audited, you are easily able to produce the needed records to respond.

Join this upcoming webinar, “The 2020 Year-end Accounting Checklist for Law Firms,” to learn exactly what you (and your accountant) need to get started on your year-end accounting, and a step-by-step guide on how to close your books


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