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5 Accounting Resolutions for Your Firm in 2019

Wednesday, January 16th
2:00pm - 2:30pm ET

The new year is the perfect time for every law firm to look back on the past year and assess their performance. Some tasks, such as bookkeeping and accounting, are directly related to the success of your law firm. However, the perennial headache of handling these tasks leads many to put them off until the last minute. We're here to help you change that in 2019.

Join us for 5 Accounting Resolutions for Your Law Firm in 2019, and learn five simple resolutions that will help you make the legal accounting process easier and more profitable for your firm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what makes legal accounting unique
  • Improve accounting compliance and efficiency (5 Resolutions)
  • Utilize technology to help reach your accounting goals


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7 Steps for Running a Highly Productive Law Firm

Thursday, January 17th 
2:00 PM – 2:45 ET

Many small-firm and solo attorneys are spread thin, yet hesitate to filter out distractions and hand off time-consuming tasks. Whether you're missing calls and leads, struggling to follow-up with existing clients and capture late payments, or just looking to run a more efficient and profitable law firm, the right communication systems can help you get more done.

You'll learn 7 basic and advanced techniques for incorporating call-routing, web chat, and live receptionist services into your operations with minimal investment of time, energy, and money:

1. Intelligently manage calls with complex call paths

2. Automate lead capture & qualification

3. Hand-off new client intake

4. Streamline appointment scheduling & reminders

5. Consistently collect payments

6. Monetize "bad" leads through systematic referrals

7. Integrate your communications into your existing systems: CRM, calendaring software, billing systems, email, SMS/chat apps, and more.

If you've never used a call-routing system, web chat, and/or live receptionist service, you'll learn how to get started, with an efficient setup that maximizes impact.

If you're already using one or more of these services, you'll come away with actionable ways to get more out of them, for greater operational efficiency, marketing results, client satisfaction, and profitability.


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Automate Client Intake

Wednesday, January 23rd
2:00 – 2:30 PM ET

Winning new clients is challenging, but what if you could streamline your firm's intake of new leads and clients? In this presentation, you’ll discover how you can utilize PracticePanther to store all of your lead and client information for easy access. You will also learn how to create intake forms on PracticePanther that can be hosted on your firm’s contact page or sent to clients directly. Once filled out, you can utilize our MailChimp integration to automatically email that lead the second they submit the form.

In addition to client intake, we will also focus on online calendaring systems like Acuity Scheduling that can provide a link to schedule a consultation with you on the web. This link can be part of the automatic email going to your leads that will help them schedule a consultation with your firm without ever spending a second on the phone with you or your supporting staff.

Learning Objectives

●     Reflect on your current client intake process

●     Compare your website to your competition. Does it stand out?

●     Discover what PracticePanther intake forms can do.

●     Utilize PracticePanther, MailChimp, and AcuityScheduling to automatically email clients the second they reach out to you!


David Silberberg, the Director of Client Experience for PracticePanther

As the Director of Client Experience for Practice Panther, David spends his time on the phone listening to client feedback constantly, analyzing ways the software could be made easier to use. He takes this feedback and translates it to our development team to plan out future feature releases. He is also responsible for managing our help center of articles and video tutorials to make sure our members have all the information they need to practice law in the learning style they prefer.


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Practice Panther

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