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Smart Tips to Improve Billing Efficiency and Get Paid Faster!

September 30th, 2-2:30 pm et

Join us for an exciting webinar hosted by ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and sponsored by BQE CORE Legal featuring speaker Amy Stoody-King, Esq., Founding Partner of Law Offices Of Stoody & Mills, as she discusses how she successfully turned the financial health of her firm around by taking back control of billing, invoicing, and collection processes.

Ms. Stoody will provide valuable insights on how she completely transformed her law firm’s financials by evaluating the firm’s then out-sourced, overpriced, out-of-control billing and invoicing processes and brought billing back in-house to control workflow. Learn her valuable tips on how to get timekeepers to capture more billable time and write time descriptions your clients are eager to pay, and learn how to streamline the entire billing process to get paid faster!


Three Critical Reasons To Stop Using QuickBooks at Your Law Firm

October 14, 2-2:30 pm est.

Description: Join the upcoming webinar, “Top 3 Reasons To Stop Using QuickBooks at Your Law Firm,” to learn how using QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online for your financial needs could actually be hurting your firm, and how switching to an alternative could be exactly what you need to get back on track. You’ll walk away with an understanding of the compliance and efficiency challenges you face when using QuickBooks and other general accounting software, and how to find the right solution for your law firm’s financials.


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