March 02, 2016

Time and Billing for Lawyers

Time and Billing

Tracking time and billing effectively is a vital task for attoneys of all types, regardless of practice area or firm size.

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Technology Brings Billing and Receivables into the New World of Law
Ed Poll
Leveraging technology to be more efficient is a vital survival strategy for small firms in the "new normal" economy for legal services.

A Case for Alternative Billing
Mark A. Robertson
How alternative billing can work for your practice, and how to implement an alternative billing strategy.

Getting Paid
Phil Paisley
Getting paid can be a challenge, but doing it well doesn't just mean income--it can also mean happier clients.

Win-Win Alternative Fee Arrangements
Colin Cameron
How can you implement alternative fee arrangements and keep your firm profitable? Colin Cameron offers a strategy.

Five Billing Tweaks to Keep Good Clients
Laura A. Calloway
Good billing techniques are vital to keeping your clients happy and bringing you more work.

Accelerating Receivables for Greater Profitability
Kevin C. Harris and Allison Renaud
Collecting on your invoices can be a challenge, but there are some aspects within your control.

For modern law firms, effective and efficient use of technology can be the difference between thriving and struggling. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a firm's approach to time and billing.

In particular, technology can help a firm:

  • Fully capture all hours worked on a given matter or client.
  • Bill clients promptly and accurately.
  • Collect payments reliably.
  • Identify and address inefficiencies in the firm's business practices.

We've collected a variety of excellent resources from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and the ABA Law Practice Management Section to help you address these questions and others revolving around managing your time, billing your clients, and generally making your practice more successful.

And for the latest legal technology news and tips, keep an eye on our blog: Law Technology Today.