March 01, 2016

Social Media for Lawyers

Social Media

Social media offers marketing and networking opportunities, but also raises new legal and ethical challenges.

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The Professional’s Social Network: LinkedIn
Allison C. Shields

LinkedIn is a logical entry point for lawyers who want to use social media for business purposes and don’t want to waste time wading through a lot of personal posts.

How to Use LinkedIn to Turn Online Connections into Offline Business
Jessica Sharp
How to take advantage of the most popular networking site for professionals to generate client leads and develop business relationships.

Leveraging LinkedIn
Quick tips for successful social networking from Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips, Third Edition.

Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect on a personal level, and it’s now increasingly relevant in the communications between lawyers, their clients and the courts.

Taking control of your online presence is a necessity, and there are few better ways to do so than social media.  Used carefully, social media can give your firm a voice, amplify your professional reputation, and help drive new business.

But that isn't the whole story with social media. Social media now represents a ripe source of electronic evidence for litigators and potential sources of risk for those advising businesses.

Explore these resources collected from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and ABA Law Practice Management for tips, tricks and best practices to get your firm on board with social media.

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