March 01, 2016

Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Cloud Computing

Businesses around the globe are moving their software and data into the cloud. Is it right for your firm?

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Evaluating Cloud-Computing Providers
Joshua Poje
Five questions to ask when evaluating a potential cloud computing provider for your firm.

Flying Safely in the Cloud
Brett Burney
Exploring how a lawyer’s time-honored duty of confidentiality can be applied to the cloud.

Layering Security in the Cloud: Client-Side Encryption
Jared Correia
A look at some helpful encryption tools to help address some legitimate issues related to sharing electronic files with third party online vendors.

Have Attorneys Read the iCloud Terms and Conditions?
Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
Basic legal advice is to always read the terms of service, right? You'll want to be sure to do so with Apple's iCloud.

An Update on Governing Cloud Computing
Will Hornsby and Joseph Duffy

Exploring some of the available guidance on cloud computing with an eye towards security and ethics.

A Chance of Rain: Ethics and Cloud Computing
Catherine Sanders Reach

A number of rules and opinions may already provide some guidance for law firms looking to adopt cloud computing.

Encryption in the Cloud: BoxCryptor
Rodney Dowell
Adding another layer of security to your cloud tools with BoxCryptor.

Cloud computing, broadly defined, is a category of software and services delivered over the Internet rather than installed locally on a user's computer.  The cloud offers a variety of potential advantages including: 

  • Low upfront costs
  • Easy mobile access
  • Simple setup and configuration
  • Built-in disaster preparedness

Because cloud computing places data--particularly client data--on remote servers outside of the lawyer's direct control, it is also cause for some concern regarding client confidentiality and the applicable rules of professional conduct.

We've collected a variety of excellent resources from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and the ABA Law Practice Management Section to help you address the questions and concerns you may have regarding cloud computing.

And for the latest legal technology news and tips, keep an eye on our blog: Law Technology Today.