FYI: Computer and Network Security: Selected Resources

The following are resources that will assist in informing and updating users about security issues. Links are also provided to companies that sell anti-theft hardware and software to secure laptops and desktops.

Advisory and Update Mailing Lists

  • McAfee Dispatch
    Breaking news and virus alerts from an anti-virus software company.
  • SANS Institute Newsletters
  • Computer security e-mail newsletters covering breaking news, Windows security issues, and alerts.
  • Symantec Security Alerts
    E-mail alerts from a leading anti-virus software company. The site also lists virus hoaxes, provides a virus encyclopedia and more.

General Security Sites

PC Analysis Tools and Products

Terms and Definitions

  • Webopedia
    Great online dictionary, complete with drawings and links for further investigation.
  • Webopedia Security (Category)
    A section of the online technical dictionary dedicated to terms relating to security.

Computer Security Accessories

Computer Security Software