Law Student Technology Resources

Technology has become a cornerstone of modern law practices. Technology powers research, communication, office management, and more. Learning about technology and understanding how it can make you a better lawyer can give you an important advantage in an increasingly competitive job market.

The ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center has been helping lawyers and law students with practical technology issues for more than a decade. Below you'll find a selection of resources and benefits available to you as an ABA member. (Not an ABA Law Student member yet? Join here!).

Technology Discounts

Every dollar counts when you're in law school. We've worked with a wide variety of technology vendors to deliver serious discounts on software, hardware, and services. Here are just a couple examples:

  • Dell: Enjoy special savings on desktops, notebooks, storage solutions, and a complete range of reliable and affordable software and peripherals like printers, cameras, projectors and TVs. Visit the Dell ABA website at or call the dedicated sales team at 1.800.308.3355.

  • Sprint: ABA Members enjoy savings of up to 15% off regularly priced service plans fron Spring. Learn more on Sprint's website for ABA members.
Learn more about technology discounts for ABA Law Student Members.

Technology How-To Guides

We've put together a selection of brief how-to/overview guides on popular legal technology topics. Here are a few you might find useful:

View more how-to guides and technology overviews from the LTRC.

Legal Research Tools

Research is one area where technology has truly revolutionized the practice of law. Whether you need a case, statute, or the latest journal article, chances are you'll rely on technology to help you find it. Here are two legal research tools we've put together: