January 07, 2014

FYI: Going Green

The phrase "going green" may conjure images of tiny ultra-efficient European cars, hemp clothing, and celebrity activists, but for an increasing number of corporations and law firms, "going green" is simply the newest way of attracting clients, cutting costs, and boosting the bottom line. From going paperless to installing high-efficiency lighting, running a "green" office is easier than you might imagine and can pay real dividends for your firm in the money you save on overhead and the clients that are attracted by your policies.

Here are a few easy ways you can make your firm a little bit greener (and save some money at the same time):

  • Cut out the paper. Most lawyers swim in a sea of paper -- printed cases, multiple drafts of every contract, memoranda, and more. Take advantage of the digital age: try to review whatever you can on the computer, limit interoffice communication to email, and when you do have to print, try to print double-sided on recycled paper with a high post-consumer content.

  • Save energy! Set computers, printers, and photocopiers to enter standby mode when they go unused for more than ten or fifteen minutes, and shut them down entirely (or even unplug them) before you leave for the evening. If you have peripherals (like a scanner) that you use only rarely, leave them unplugged until you need them. Try replacing standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, and leave them turned off when you aren't in the room.

  • Think about the commute. Put together a carpooling group and encourage your coworkers to use public transportation or even to bike or walk to work. Also consider telecommuting a few times each month: not only does it save on the transportation costs, it also cuts down your office expenses.

  • Do the little things. Bring your lunch in reusable plastic containers; replace plastic utensils with washable silverware; use refillable pens rather than the disposable types; bring a mug to work to use instead of disposable paper or styrofoam cups; and make sure everyone at your firm has a recycling bin at their desk.

Remember that these strategies not only help the environment, they also help you: less paper, less energy, less disposable supplies -- all of these changes mean financial savings for your firm.

Some Green Law Firm Success Stories

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  • Farella Braun + Martel LLP
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