July 11, 2013

FYI: Tracking CLE Credits


More states are making CLE a requirement for attorneys. (For a map of MCLE states click here). Firms may be searching for a way to track the credits that their attorneys are earning. CLE credits can be earned in a variety of ways now and it's important that all types are tracked for proper compliance. There are software and online programs that have been developed in order to streamline the process of tracking CLE.

What types of CLE do you need to track?

When evaluating CLE software to determine if they will meet your firm's needs you will need to answer some questions:

  • Will you be tracking CLE credits for multiple states or just one state?
  • Do you want the attorneys to track their own time or will you have a point person track the credits?
  • Will you be tracking CLE credits for one office or multiple offices?
  • Do you want a program pre-loaded with the CLE regulations or one that can be modified?
  • Do you want the vendor to update the program when changes are made to CLE requirements?
  • Will you be tracking traditional CLE seminars in addition to online course offerings?

CLE Tracking Software

Online CLE Tracking

  • West LegalEdcenter - Offer online CLE and tool to track online and traditional CLE
  • Taecan - Online CLE provider that can track online and manually entered CLE credits
  • CPE-Tracker - Web hosted CLE tracking

Some local bar associations also offer online tracking of CLE credits. Check with your state bar to see if they have this service and if they will track all CLE credit, including credits not earned through them.

Additional CLE Links