February 01, 2011

FYI: Technology Terms Defined

Technology is constantly changing and the language used to describe it is growing as new trends evolve. The following are sites that include technology definitions to assist you as you navigate the world of legal technology.

Sources for Technology Definitions:

  • Webopedia
    Search for a definition of a specific word or search by computer category. Has a list of recently added words. Results of word searches also link to sites about the word or product.
  • WhatIs
    Allows searching for a specific term or browsing alphabetically or by category. When the results appear, scroll past the sponsored links to get to the definition. Links to articles about the search term are also included with the result.
  • NetLingo
    Provides a search box or browsing by letter for terms. A definition is provided with pronunciation and links to more information about the term. An option is also given with the result to email the definition to another person.
  • Computer Hope
    This site has five ways to find a definition: word search, browse the index, choose from the top 10 definitions, browse by category or search the latest additions to the dictionary.
  • TechWeb
    Search for a specific definition or browse Top 10 terms.
  • Computer Jargon Explained
    No specific searching but terms are listed alphabetically. Detailed explanations of popular computer terms.
  • Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon
    List of definitions for specific computer terms. Need to scroll through the alphabetic list, there is no search box provided.
  • Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
    Search for definitions via a search box. The search result includes hyperlinks to definitions for technical computer terms.