March 04, 2011

FYI: Calendar and Docketing

There are multiple solutions to calendar/task management/docketing. Check out the websites and features that each type of software provides. Then contact the vendor and ask questions. Have them come and do a demonstration or let you try a trial version.

1.) Use an networked e-mail client that includes a calendar, to-do lists, tasks, address books and more, such as:

2.) If you have a very small office environment try a Freeware/Shareware for calendaring: 3.) Resources for small offices that allow people to collaborate and share schedules: 4.) If you need rules based Calendar/Docketing software try a product such as: 5.) An option which includes calendar, docketing, some time keeping, and other automated functions is Case/Practice Management software (see the LTRC case management comparison chart): Some examples: