FYI: Feature Comparison - Major Blog Providers


Having a blog hosted through a blog provider is a great solution for attorneys without the technical expertise or free time to set up and maintain a blog on their own web space. Choosing which service to use, however, can be daunting. To help you make your decision, we've put together the following chart comparing the important features (and any associated costs) for the three major blog providers: Blogger, Wordpress, and TypePad.






Base CostFreeFree

Free (TypePad Micro)
$8.95/month+ for fully featured TypePad Pro

Custom URL (not including domain registration fee)Free

$10/year (you bring domain)
$15/year (register domain through Wordpress)

Included with plans $8.95/month and up
StorageNo published limit

3 GB included free
+ 5 GB ($20/year)
+ 15 GB ($50/year)
+ 25 GB ($90/year)

Unlimited total storage, monthly uploads limited by plan:
150 MB ($8.95/month plan)
1000 MB ($15.95/month plan)
2000 MB ($29.95/month plan)

BandwidthNo published limitNo published limitNo published limit
Number of blogsUnlimitedUnlimited

4 ($8.95/month plan)
Unlimited ($14.95/month plan)
Unlimited ($29.95/month plan)

Number of blog authorsUnlimitedUnlimited

1 ($8.95/month plan)
Unlimited ($14.95/month plan)
Unlimited ($29.95/month plan)

Private blogsYesYes (30 users)
Unlimited users available for $30/year
Post by emailYesYesYes
Post by mobile deviceYesYesYes
Scheduled postingYesYesIncluded with plans $8.95/month and up
Generate RSS feedsYesYesYes
Pre-designed templatesYesYesYes
Customize design/CSSYes$15/yearIncluded with plans $8.95/month and up
Integrated StatisticsNoYesYes
Photo AlbumsYes (via Picasa Web Albums)Not built in, but support for Flickr widgetYes
Spam protectionYes (via moderation and word verification)YesYes
Integration with 3rd party services (Flickr, Facebook, etc.)YesYes


User can add advertisingYesYesYes
Provider inserts advertising?No advertising, but Blog*spot hosted blogs do have a navigation bar inserted at the top of every page.

Wordpress reserves the right to "very rarely" show text ads on free blogs.

Ads can be eliminated for $30/year.

Import data from another blog?Possible, but may require workarounds for non Blogger-to-Blogger transfersYesYes
Export blog data for backup/transfer?YesYesYes
Professional supportNo, though support may be available through a community help groupYesYes (priority support for $29.95/month plan)
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