March 03, 2011

FYI: Corporate Counsel, Contracts and Compliance

National headlines about corporate accounting scandals have not abated since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Since that time, amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect on December 1, 2006 increasing the scrutiny of corporate entities and record keeping. Organizational risk and compliance officers need to maintain regulatory compliance in an increasingly complex environment. In light of these recent changes, it seemed like a good time to revisit the options available for corporate legal departments. We've developed a list of resources for your consideration that are geared toward the special needs of law departments rather than law firms.
Corporate Record Keeping – Updating corporate minutes is a routine function but an important requirement that must be met to maintain the protection of the corporate veil.
  • Secretariat from Bridgeway was designed by corporate secretaries to manage the legal structure and life of a corporate entity.
  • Mitratech Holdings, Inc. is a provider of legal, compliance, and security management solutions for corporate legal departments.
  • ManageMyMinutes is a web-based application that gives you the ability to create, organize, and maintain your corporate minute book
  • Resolution is an affordable application that creates and maintains corporate minutes.
  • Corporate Manager Software automates the paperwork and required filings required to keep a company in compliance.
  • Contract Management Software facilitates corporate legal department’s compliance with contract regulations, centralizes contract tracking, and contract administration. Here are some applications that are specific to this specialty:

  • Emptoris’ focus is on supply and contract management software solutions
  • I-many delivers contract management software and services for the enterprise.
  • Nextance Proposal and Contract Management Software offers industry specific solutions.
  • Upside Software offers the contract management application UpsideContract for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.
  • CobbleStone Systems Corp., offers Contract Insight for Web Based Contract Management Software Solutions.
  • Mumboe offers web based solutions to create, store, track and manage business agreements.
  • Ketera offers a web based Contract management software package.
  • OpenSource has been providing Contract Management solutions since 1995.
  • Selectica Contract Management solutions has been around for more than ten years.
  • Corporate Counsel Practice management applications help law departments manage legal entity information. Some of the following providers focus exclusively on this area while others offer integrated solutions.

  • Case and Point
    Founded in 1988, Corporate Legal Solutions, Inc. developed Case and Point as matter management software geared toward the corporate legal department.
  • Law Trac
    Developed in 1984 for in-house legal departments.
  • eCounsel and LawQuest
    Founded in 1989, Bridgeway solutions are designed exclusively for Corporate Legal departments including a fully integrated solution for the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.
  • CaseTrack
    Developed in 1993, CaseTrack is a browser-based matter management application for in-house departments.
  • Datacare Software Group
    Founded in Ireland in 1985, and recently acquired by Computershare Limited, Datacare Software Group (DSG) is a global supplier of entity management and subsidiary governance solutions.
  • Corporatek
    Founded in 1983, Corporatek's EnAct® Platinum is a fully integrated, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Records and Document Management System, built on a Object-Oriented Relational Database with built-in compression and encryption.
  • Two-Step Software
    Corporate Focus, developed in 1995 by Two Step Software is their solution for corporate legal departments. It is a web based application that can be run from Two Step's hosting facility or installed in house on local servers.
  • World Records
    Founded in 1996 as a technology provider for Corporate Secretaries, World Records was acquired in 2004 by Computershare Ltd which then acquired Datacare Software Group in 2007 to form Computershare Governance Services.
  • CT's hCue
    A Wolters Kluwer business is a web-hosted Records Management application for managing corporate records, monitoring and report on stock ownership.
  • CCM Corporate Compliance Manager (CCM)
    by National Registered Agents, Inc. is a web based application that tracks corporate entity records.