Women of Legal Tech

One of the American Bar Association's core values is a commitment to diversity, which the Law Practice Division aims to reinforce in the legal tech sector. From tech founders and CEOs to small business owners, women are making a big impact on legal tech in every field.

In keeping with the spirit of progress, the Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) is proud to present its “Women of Legal Tech.” Our goal is to celebrate the women currently in the legal tech space and to encourage more women to join the ranks.

"Women of Legal Tech" began in 2015 with an initial list created by Law Technology Today contributor and practice management advisor, Heidi Alexander. The LTRC Board will continue to highlight more talented women each year. 

2020 LTRC's Women of Legal Tech

2019 LTRC's Women of Legal Tech

2018 LTRC's Women of Legal Tech

2017 LTRC's Women of Legal Tech

2016 LTRC's Women of Legal Tech