A Legacy of Planned Giving

Society of Saratoga

We are pleased to recognize the following individuals who have pledged to include the ABA Fund for Justice and Education in their estate plan. For information on how you may join the Society of Saratoga, please contact Ceilanne Libber.

J. David Andrews           

Gail D. Baker

Hilarie F. Bass

Tom Bolt

L. Stanley Chauvin, Jr.

Robert A. Creamer

Marvin S.C. Dang

Andre R. Donikian

J. David Ellwanger

Laura V. Farber

F. John Garza

Robert L. Geltzer

Tracy A. Giles

Rew R. Goodenow

Michael G. Harrison

Mark S. Hartman

Harry L. Hathaway

Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Howell, Jr.

Krista D. Kauper

Joan F. Kessler

Allen W. Kimbrough

Arthur W. Leibold, Jr.

Buck and Malinda Lewis

Judy Perry Martinez

Adele Meyer

The Honorable Leslie B. Miller

J. Scott Miller

Kathleen A. Odle

Dixie L. Peterson

Llewelyn G. Pritchard

Seth Rosner

Marc L. Sallus

The Honorable Thomas Smegal

J. William Straughan, Jr.

Allan J. Tanenbaum

Conrad Teitell

Frank Trotta, Jr.

Pauline A. Weaver

H. Thomas Wells, Jr.

Donna C. Willard-Jones