Society of Saratoga Legacy Fund


A Tradition of Public Service - A Legacy of Planned Giving

From the first meeting in Saratoga Spring, New York in 1878, the American Bar Association and its members have been guided by a strong sense of public responsibility and professional pride. This dedication thrives today and is reflected in the Association's commitment to serving the legal system and ensuring equal access to justice.

Today, the ABA Fund for Justice and Education continues this tradition of serving justice and helping people by funding nearly 200 of the Association's public service programs. Make an enduring impact and help uphold the Association's commitment to public service by making a planned gift to the FJE.

Join the Legacy

Created by the ABA Board of Governors in 1984, the Society of Saratoga Legacy Fund encourages gifts to the FJE through the Association's planned giving program. Those donors making a planned gift of $10,000 or more are recognized as members of the Society.

To become a member, a donor provides the ABA with a pledge that his or her estate plan will include a bequest of not less than $10,000 payable from the donor's estate to the ABA Fund for Justice and Education. Or, a donor may provide the ABA with a statement that his or her estate plan already includes a gift to the FJE of not less than $10,000.

Acceptance of Membership Form