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Fund for Justice and Education


What is the ABA Fund for Justice and Education (FJE)?

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education is the 501(c)(3) charitable arm of the American Bar Association responsible for supporting its law-related public service, policy, and education programs. It is our pleasure and responsibility to connect individuals and organizations with a charitable ABA program that fuels their passion for the law and helps improve our communities. 

How does the ABA Fund for Justice and Education benefit ABA members?

Programs supported by the ABA Fund for Justice and Education provide extensive opportunities to ABA members seeking to expand their legal education or utilize their skills to serve their communities.

From an array of diversity initiatives working to shape the face of the legal profession to continuing legal education courses keeping lawyers informed of the latest legal developments, FJE-funded programs are helping to improve the profession and its ability to serve the public. In addition, many charitable ABA programs offer members the chance to volunteer their talents in activities that help ensure equal access to justice for all individuals.

May I designate my gift to a specific project or ABA entity?

Yes, you may designate your gift to an ABA project or entity conducting public service or education programs. Unless otherwise designated, all contributions go toward the FJE Annual Fund, which provides unrestricted support to all of the charitable programs of the ABA. 

How does the ABA Fund for Justice and Education help those within my local community?

ABA public service, policy, and education programs provide lawyers with the training and resources needed to help address the legal needs of our communities and coordinate volunteer-driven direct service initiatives.

In order to maximize the impact of these outreach efforts, many ABA entities partner with local legal and social services programs. Whether you wish to protect our nation’s youth, defend the rights of the elderly, or improve the judicial system, the ABA Fund for Justice and Education helps the ABA ensure equal access to justice for all individuals – rural and urban; here and around the world.

For sixty impactful years, the ABA/FJE has funded ABA public service programs that help strengthen our ability as lawyers to address the legal needs of our society. From informative legal services materials to pro bono opportunities, the ABA/FJE cultivates and recognizes donors who enhance the justice system, improve our profession, and strengthen our communities.

Reginald Turner

Past ABA President