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Frequently Asked Questions

Events & CLE FAQs

ABA Member Benefit Library

ABA membership now includes a large and expanding CLE library. CLE courses are available from the nation’s leading speakers–including renowned practitioners, government representatives, and judges–in many convenient formats, including on-demand. Enjoy over 500 titles—with more added each month.

CLE History & Certificates

New: Access CLE certificates for completed courses online in My ABA > CLE History.


Registration for a program shows a special rate for section members. How can I qualify for that rate?

Your profile page will give you a list of all the sections and other ABA entities of which you are a member.  You can also sign up for new sections, divisions, forums, and other entities to take advantage of immediate discounts on live events and products produced by the entities, and to receive periodicals, newsletters, reports, and other publications that are included with your membership.  Log in to My ABA to review your profile.

What is the ABA's open meetings policy?

American Bar Association meetings are open to all members of the Association and representatives of the media, except executive sessions. Communications & Media Relations will screen and qualify reporters, handle media registration, and issue "news media" badges for meetings of interest to media outlets.

ABA media credentials are available to reporters, editors working as reporters, producers, camera operators and still photographers who present official proof of employment. Exceptions must be approved by the Director of the ABA Communications & Media Relations Division or his/her designee. Visit the Media Credentials page for more information about credentialing for media access to events.

How can I cancel my registration or order?

Please contact the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221. Please view a program's page for its cancellation policy.

How is reimbursement and invoicing handled for programs paid with a personal credit card?

Contact the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221 to request an invoice and have your order number, ABA ID, event code, event title, and event date ready.

Can written materials from a program be copied?

You may not copy, duplicate nor redistribute written materials and audio/video content from ABA programs without written permission from the ABA. To request permission to reprint excerpts, please contact the ABA Copyrights and Licensing Department.

Webinars and On-Demand Courses

Can I access webinars and on-demand courses online?

Access CLE courses that you’ve registered for through My ABA:

·       My Events (for upcoming webinars and events)

·       Digital Content (for on-demand CLE courses and other digital purchases)

You can also view your full order history through My ABA.

What are the system requirements for a webinar or on-demand course?

Please check your webinar program information for system requirements and mobile compatibility.

ABACLE webinars and on-demand courses are compatible with any HTML5 and JavaScript enabled web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and mobile devices using current software.


Are options available for deaf/hard of hearing attendees?

For most programs produced after January 1, 2020, CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) services are available for webinars and closed-captioning is available for the on-demand recording of the course. If you require a transcript for a previously produced on-demand course that does not have one available, please reach out to us at [email protected]

CART service provides instant accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing by delivering the spoken word as a realtime stream of text. CART service for this program is firewall-friendly and works in almost any network environment with Internet access, and is compatible with all major web browsers.

Are program recordings available?

In addition to live webinar presentations, program recordings (on-demand) are also made available for purchase. When you purchase a live webinar, you automatically receive access to the program recording 2 days after the live presentation for a period of one year. In addition to live webinar presentations, program recordings (on-demand) are also made available for purchase .  

Is there a phone option for webinar programs?

Check your webinar attendee information to determine of a phone option is available.

MCLE Information

MCLE Program Accreditation

Please see webinar and on-demand program pages for details on available credit, including credit availability dates. States are not listed if credit is not available. Credit is not available in all jurisdictions for all titles. Click here for more information about jurisdiction CLE regulations and general information on accreditation of the ABA's CLE events, webinars, and on-demand courses.

CLE Attendance and Certificates

For webinars and on-demand courses, please complete the evaluation and CLE affidavit/credit request form at the end of the program to obyain your certificates via download and email Certificates are only issued if minimum participation requirements are met. Report certificate issues.

New: Access CLE certificates for completed courses online in My ABA > CLE History.

What states approve MCLE credit for live webinars and teleconferences?

Please visit our MCLE Information area for information on approval of ABA programs by format.

Are self-study products available for CLE credit?

Many states allow attorneys to earn CLE credit through distance-learning. Although there is wide variation in specific definitions and approval of specific formats among the states, self-study generally includes CLE programs recorded from a live event or produced on their own, and presented in such formats as audio CDs and DVDs, archived or on-demand online courses or webinars, and newer formats such as podcasts and MP3 downloads.

The ABA does not offer self-study for products viewed outside of our online viewing experience such as mp3s, CDs, DVDs. Attorneys may be able to self-apply for credit. Contact your state to determine eligibility or free procedure for self applying.

My organization is producing a CLE program. How can we get our program accredited? Does the ABA accredit programs?

The ABA is not an accrediting body or regulatory agency, but a provider of continuing legal education to the legal community at large. CLE accreditation is given on a state-by-state basis. There is no nationwide accreditation since the MCLE programs are administered by the state supreme courts through a special CLE commission or board.

Overall, the process for MCLE accreditation is a lengthy one, requiring about two to three months of advance preparation. Each state with an MCLE requirement administers its own program with its own distinct set of rules, regulations, and sponsor fees. Therefore, a CLE provider seeking MCLE accreditation of its programs must apply to each state individually.

Individual attorneys may also request accreditation from their particular states after the program has taken place by providing course materials, a special application, and possibly a small fee. Again, each state has its own procedure. To learn more, visit the website of the Continuing Legal Education Regulators Association (CLEreg), which contains links to individual MCLE state websites where you may download or review the MCLE rules and regulations. You will also find contact names, addresses and telephone numbers for jurisdiction regulators, and a Uniform Application for Accreditation.

ABA Promotions

How can I control e-mail updates on ABA programs and products?

You can customize your ABA experience which will help us provide you with the information you want.  Just log in to the ABA website, update your profile and select your preferred areas of interest.

What is the opt-out procedure for ABA e-mail and/or mail promotions?

To change your e-mail address or remove your name from any future distribution e-mails you can call the ABA Service Center at (800) 285-2221, or write us at the address below. ABA Members may also log in to  My ABA page to edit their profile.

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