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CLE Administrator Community

This year the ABA dramatically expanded its offerings for CLE programming included in our member value proposition. Now, ABA members have access to more than 600 programs at no additional cost. These programs are available in a mix of webinar and on demand format – with more content added each month.

As the Director of ABACLE, I would like to ensure that it is easy for your attorneys to access these programs and receive CLE credit, and ensure that you know about these completions to assist you with compliance tracking and verification. I am hoping to start a conversation – find out what would make these goals easier for you.

The ABA wants our members to take advantage of this benefit and we know that your firm will find these free programs a beneficial addition to your CLE offerings.

If there are others in your firm who you would like to have added to this communication stream, please let me know or feel free to share the link to this page. Alternatively, if you no longer wish to receive any communications from me, I will remove you from my list immediately upon request.

Thank you for your continued participation in this conversation!

Gina Roers-Liemandt
Director, MCLE and Professional Development 

Contact me at: [email protected]

CLE Resources

How Can I Get Started With Free CLE?

You can start by sharing this guide with your attorneys so that they may more easily find programs of relevance in the ABA Free Member CLE Library.

How Can I Pick Courses By State?

We have provided a convenient state-by-state list of approved on-demand CLE programs ready for immediate viewing.

How Can I Copy My Certificates?

We have made it easy to send a copy of certificates to an additional email address. Here are simple instructions your attorneys can use to include your MCLE department on all certificates. 

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