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The ABA has an enduring commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in legal education and in the legal profession.

Emblematic of this determination that underserved and underrepresented communities attain full access to justice, the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund (the Scholarship Fund) helps to break down financial barriers to law school and open the legal profession’s door to passionate young people of color.

Donors empower Scholarship Fund recipients to excel in their studies and add public service to their law school experience.

Law students of color enrollment increases

Roughly 39% of Scholarship recipients are the first in their family to attend college and 70% are the first to attend graduate school.

Financial assistance removes barriers to a JD

ABA Scholars (75%) indicate that they could not have finished law school without the Scholarship Fund.

Graduates go on to serve their communities

Most recipients eagerly take part in pro bono activities that give back to their marginalized community or to their law school.

Gratitude from Yessenia Guttierez, a Scholarship Fund Recipient

“I learned so much and am excited for the other courses I'll get to take. My school is great; it fosters a welcoming and collaborative environment which is very refreshing. I'm looking forward to making the most I can out of all the opportunities. I am grateful to this scholarship for helping make my journey possible.”

Yessenia Guttierez, ABA Legal Opportunity/Bertram R. Greener Memorial Scholarship Fund Recipient, Class of 2023

As the daughter of formerly undocumented immigrants from Central America growing up in a working-class household, Yessenia Guttierez realized that a legal career could be her answer to the tremendous trauma her family and others have endured — generations of sexual and domestic violence, mental illness, the disappearance of family members and forced migration during the Central American civil wars. Now a JD candidate at the University of Minnesota Law School and Scholarship Fund recipient, Yessenia’s first semester was challenging and rewarding.


With your support of the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund, we will continue to improve diversity in the legal profession — first in our nation’s law schools and, ultimately, throughout the ranks of our profession. You are helping diverse lawyers enter the field of law. Please invest in the future of diversity in the legal profession. Your gift, of any amount, will change lives.

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