July 06, 2018

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BC Law Society officially encourages the provision of limited scope services

Mediate BC's Family Unbundled Legal Services Project

SRA keen to lift barriers to solicitors offering unbundling

UK Research on Experiences in Family Law

Part 2: Limited scope representation in NY (Buffalo Law Journal, February 8, 2017)

Part 1: Limited scope representation in NY (Buffalo Law Journal, January 31, 2017)

Concept of 'unbundled' legal services gaining support (TheStar.com, January 26, 2017)

Self-Represented Litigation Network Conference - Early Registration (ends Feb. 1, 2017) and Tentative Schedule

Audio: The Benefits of Unbundling Legal Services (New Solo, Legal Talk Network)

NY Courts Formally Endorse Unbundling through New Administrative Order

Ghostwriting: An Ethical Issue in the Evolution of the Legal Field (Oklahoma Bar Journal, December 2016)

Report of the Texas Commission to Expand Civil Legal Services

The Middle Class, An Untapped Legal Marketplace (ABA Law Practice Today) 

Report of the Subcommittee on Limited Scope Representation, NYSBA President’s Committee on Access to Justice (November 5, 2016)

Public Perceptions of Access to Justice - Survey Results from Ontario

Not So Impractical: Ethics Considerations in Limited Scope Representations (Oregon State Bar Bulletin, October 2016)

The Next Step in “Unbundling”: The Case for Limited Scope Representation (Virginia Lawyer Magazine, October 2016)

Limited scope representation: A new way of thinking about accessible legal services (Ohio Lawyer, September/October 2016)

Bankruptcy and Unbundling: Oil and Water? (The Alabama Lawyer, September 2016)

MLSA using the power of limited scope to bridge access to justice gap in Montana (Montana Lawyer, August 2016)

Supporting Families Through Change: Unbundled Legal Services Project

Colorado Revises Unbundling Ethics Opinion

Want to Promote ATJ? Think Unbundled (Bench & Bar of Minnesota, August 2016)

Unbundling Rule Changes in North Dakota

Arkansas Adopts Rules Clarifying Unbundling

IAALS Releases Reports and Toolkit on Self-Representation Study

Perspective: How Law Firms Can Embrace Unbundling (Bloomberg BNA)

LACBA Lawyer Referral Service Expands Limited Scope Representation Services

Limited Scope Representation in Family Law (The Iowa Lawyer, April 2016)

Proposed Expansion of Unbundling Rules in Arkansas

National Database for Professionals Assisting Self-Represented Litigants from the National Self-Represented Litigants Project

ABA opinion gives guidelines for communicating with people receiving limited-scope representation (ABA Journal, March 2016)

The Implications of Ghostwriting in State and Federal Courts (Los Angeles Lawyer, March 2016, Pg. 11)

Unbundling: The bridge between going it alone and full representation (Will Hornsby, ABA Bar Leader)


Changes in How We Practice: Limited Scope Representation is Here (Rhode Island Bar Journal, Nov-Dec, 2015)

ABA Formal Ethics Opinion 172 on Unbundling

New Rule Changes Outline Limited Scope Representation (Maryland State Bar Association)

It's All About Documenting Scope (The Advocate of the Idaho State Bar, September 2015)

Research Shows Benefits of Unbundling

Qualitative Research Exploring Experiences and Perceptions of Unbundled Legal Services, The Legal Services Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel (August 6, 2015)

A judge’s view on the benefits of ‘unbundling’ (California Bar Journal, July 2015)

Call for Comments on Ghostwriting

Making Limited Scope Legal Services Work (California Bar Journal, May 2015)

Maryland Expands Unbundling


Unbundling Research Project

Unbundling Webinar Featured in ABA E-News

Updated Unbundling White Paper and Collection of Rules 
DC Expands Limited Scope Representation Rules

Orange County Bar Says Contract Lawyer May Ghostwrite Pleadings Without Notice to Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court Expands Limited Scope Representation Rules

Limited Scope Representation Pilot Program Launches in Connecticut 


11th Circuit Says Law Firm That Filled in Petition Blanks Wasn't Ghostwriting

Illinois Amends Unbundling Rules