June 25, 2018

Policies and Projects

Watch this space for policies and projects that have emerged from the Ideas Page.

Resolution 114 - Links to Lawyers

The links to lawyers resolution was approved by the ABA House of Delegates at the 2016 Annual Meeting. Resolution 114 calls upon entities that provide online legal forms to the public to include clear and conspicuous links to lawyers or lawyer referral services. The Committee is now concentrating on implementation which involves: outreach to entities that provide online legal documents – such as courts, governmental units, bar associations and self-helps centers – to encourage them to advocate for the implementation of the policy and make the necessary changes, and circulating replicable examples of clear and conspicuous links to lawyers and lawyer referral services. Contact Briana Billingslea to share your thoughts on the implementation of Resolution 114.

Legal Checkups

The Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services has received support from the ABA Enterprise Fund to create and advance online legal checkups that will help people recognize when their problems have legal solutions and become aware of the resources available to resolve those problems. Check back later for more developments.

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