The Roadmap to Access - Where Ideas Become Change


The Roadmap to Access, formerly known as the Blueprint Project, is a coalition dedicated to improving access to legal services through changes in policies, procedures and systems designs.

Our goal is to look at the way things are done and think about how they can be done differently in order to maximize our commitment to justice for all through the resources of the legal community. Learn more about the project here.

1. The Access Challenge

Join the efforts to find ways in which policies and procedures can be developed or revised to make access to legal services more accessible.

2. The Ideas Page

Watch the development of changes that can help advance our mission.

3. Policies and Projects

Watch this space for policies and projects that have emerged from the Ideas Page.

4. Change 

Multi-disciplinary Input

The Roadmap to Access is seeking input from those within and outside of the legal profession.

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