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Launching the Access to Justice Law Company

Launching the Access to Justice Law Company (AJLC):  An Innovative Model Law Firm for Increasing Access to Justice in Pakistan

The Access to Justice Law Company (AJLC)
is the creation of attorneys Faisal Mehmood and Anila Faisal (husband and wife).  Both lawyers are graduates of the first legal incubator in Asia and both are dedicated to providing affordable legal services and promoting social justice in Pakistan at a time when the Nation continues to evolve as a legally empowered society that promotes access to justice and adherence to the rule of law. AJLC endeavors to ensure the provision of affordable legal services to all citizens but with special emphasis on women, minorities and vulnerable segments of society.  To further its goal of promoting access to justice in Pakistan, AJLC lawyers will also devote a portion of their time providing pro bono services to those who lack the economic resources needed to retain a private attorney.

AJLC’s primary objective is to create a culture of pro bono and ‘low bono’ legal services that address the unmet legal needs of moderate to low- income individuals and families. Doing so will help to ameliorate the roadblocks that most Pakistanis face when they seek to have their grievances redressed.