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2024 Louis M. Brown Award - Nominations Now Closed

The Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access is presented annually to programs and projects that advance access to legal services for those of moderate incomes in ways that are exemplary and replicable. All nominees of the Brown Award are also entered into the running for BROWN SELECT, which is presented to the Brown Award nominee that gets the most votes from the general public through online voting.

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Client-Centric Legal Services: Getting from Here to There

This conference took place August 14-15, 2015 and focused on pivoting practitioners into 21st Century problem-solvers by enhancing engagement and exploring better client-centric compensation methods and innovative delivery models.

Links to Lawyers

The ABA House of Delegates approved Resolution 114 at the 2016 Annual Meeting. The resolution calls upon all those that provide online legal forms to the public to include clear and conspicuous links to lawyers or lawyer referral services. The Committee is working collaboratively to implement this policy.

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Legal Checkups

The Committee has received support from the ABA Enterprise Fund to create and advance online Legal Checkups that will help people recognize when their problems have legal solutions and become aware of the resources available to resolve those problems. Check back later for more developments.

Affordable Legal Services

The Delivery Committee works to identify and stimulate programs designed to make legal services more readily available to people of average means. This area lists programs we believe are notable initiatives in the delivery of legal services to people who do not qualify for subsidized legal services and yet lack the income to retain traditional legal representation, including a non-profit law firms and legal incubators.

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