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The ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services has the mandate to improve access to lawyers and legal services for those of moderate incomes – those who do not qualify for legal aid yet lack the resources for full legal representation.

Committee Roster

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Charles F. Garcia
Colorado Bar Association
Denver, CO


Richard S. Granat
LawMediaLabs, Inc.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Niloufar Khonsari
Pangea Legal Services
San Francisco, CA

Tony Lai
San Francisco, CA

Sungyong "Cheryl" Lee
Helsell Fetterman
Shoreline, WA

Cecilia Lopez
Monterrosa Law Group, LLC
South Bend, IN

Kimberly Sanchez
Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida
Daytona Beach, FL

Frank E. Stevenson II
Locke Lord LLP
Dallas, TX

Angela S. Tripp
Michigan Poverty Law Program and Michigan Legal Help Program
Ann Arbor, MI

Special Advisor

Lucian T. Pera
Adams and Reese LLP
Memphis, TN


Board of Governors
Frank H. Langrock
Langrock Sperry & Wool LLP 
Middlebury, VT

Family Law Section
Andrea Ciobanu
Ciobanu Law, PC
Indianapolis, IN

Judicial Division
Hon. Lora Livingston

261st Judicial District Court
Austin, TX

Law Practice Division
Richard S. Granat

LawMediaLabs, Inc.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Law Student Division
Joy Nnama

Court Appointed Special Advocates
Wylie, TX

Section of Real Property, Trusts and Estate Law
Christina Jenkins

Middleberg Riddle Group
Dallas, TX

Young Lawyers Division
Amanda L. Brown

InnoLegal Services, PLLC
Bellevue, WA

Committee Staff

Briana N. Morris
Staff Counsel
American Bar Association
321 N. Clark Street, 17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654-7598
Phone: 312-988-5298
Fax: 312-988-5483

Advisory Council Members

Jonathan Asher
Colorado Legal Services
Denver, CO 

Marjory G. Basile
Miller Canfield et al
Detroit, MI 

Richard Cassidy
Hoff Curtis
Burlington, VT

Jeanne Charn
Harvard Law School
Cambridge, MA

Abhijeet Chavan
Urban Insight
Los Angeles, CA 

Trevor J Clarke
Justice Entrepreneurs Project
Chicago Bar Foundation
Chicago, IL 

Lisa Colpoys
Illinois Legal Aid Online
Chicago, IL 

April Faith-Slaker
Innovations Access to Justice Lab
Harvard Law School
Cambridge, MA 

Dina Fein
Massachusetts Trial Court
Springfield, MA

John Greacen
Greacen Associates LLC
Regina, NM

Luz Elena Herrera
Texas A&M University School of Law
Fort Worth, TX

Danielle Hirsch
The Administrative Office of Illinois Courts
Chicago, IL 

William T. Hogan, III
Nelson Mullins et al
Boston, MA

Don Horowitz
Seattle, WA

Bonnie Rose Hough
Center for Families, Children & the Courts Judicial of California
San Francisco, CA 

Mark Juhas
Los Angeles Superior Court
Los Angeles, CA

Hanna Kaufman
Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois
Chicago, IL

Marc Lauritsen
Capstone Practice Systems, Inc.
Harvard, MA

Hon. Lora Livingston
261st Judicial District Court
Austin, TX

Elio F. Martinez, Jr.
Miami, FL 

Prof. Jim Meeker
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA

Michael Millemann
University of Maryland School of Law
Baltimore, MD

Wayne Moore
Washington, DC 

Forrest S. Mosten
California State Bar Board of Specialization
Los Angeles, CA 

Mark O'Brien
New York, NY 

Kevin O’Keefe
Seattle, WA 

Keith Porcaro
Somerville, MA 

Lonnie A. Powers
Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corp
Boston, MA

Catherine Sanders Reach
Chicago Bar Association
Chicago, IL

M. Catherine Richardson
Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC
Syracuse, NY 

Frederick Rooney
Touro College Fuchsberg Law Center
Central Islip, NY 

Mary Ryan
Nutter McClennen & Fish, LLP
Boston, MA 

Rebecca Sandefur
American Bar Foundation
Urbana, IL 

Elizabeth J Scheffee
Givertz Lunt et al
Portland, ME 

Virginia Sipes
Iowa Law Firm Incubator
Des Moines, IA

Ronald Staudt
Chicago Kent College of Law 
Chicago, IL

Pamela D. Stevenson
Clarksville, IN

M. Sue Talia
Danville, CA

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