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International Legal Technology Association Resources

Legal Industry Information Security Practices Summaries (2013-2017)

ILTA Annual Tech Survey

Includes insight from over 480 organizations representing more than 92,000 attorneys and 188,000 total users. The full survey report is $500 for ILTA Members and $800 for non-ILTA Members.

National Cybersecurity Alliance Resources

Small Business Cybersecurity “Quick Wins” Checklist

Protect Your Small Business Assets Against Cyber Threats in 2019—Cybersecure MyBusiness ™ Webinar

Other Resources

SiteLock Cybersecurity Checklist for Modern Small Business

Global Cybersecurity Alliance Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business

ALPS: Even Solo and Small Law Firms are Vulnerable to Cyber Crime

CIS Controls SME Companion Guide

Cybersecurity for Midsize and Smaller Law Firms: 10 Tips to Take Action Now

ISO/IEC 27000—Information Security Management Systems

Legal Talk Network: Cybersecurity: Getting to Good for the Small Law Firm

OKTA Checklist: 12 Key Steps for Protection Against Data Breaches