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Articles and Periodicals

Periodicals (Check back regularly for cybersecurity features)


Books and Book Chapters

Melissa Ventrone, “Small Firms and Sole Practitioners,” Chapter 9 in The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook, Third Ed. (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force 2022)

"The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook is a vital desk-side resource to help lawyers understand the nature of the threat, protect their practices and their clients' confidential information and intellectual property, and comply with ever-changing legal rules." - Reggie Turner, Past President, ABA

Vendor Contracting Project: Cybersecurity Checklist, Second Edition (Cybersecurity Legal Task 2021)

The Lawyer's Guide to Office Automation: Tools and Strategies to Improve Your Firm and Your Life (Law Practice Division 2023)

A Practical Guide to Cyber Insurance for Businesses (Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section 2022)

D&O Guide to Cyber Governance: Fiduciary Duties in the Digital Age (Business Law Section 2021)

Protecting Against Cyber Threats: A Lawyer's Guide to Choosing a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy, Second Edition (Standing Committee on Lawyers' Professional Liability 2020)

Formal Opinions

Formal Opinion 498: Virtual Practice, March 2021 (Center for Professional Responsibility)

Formal Opinion 495: Lawyers Working Remotely, December 2020 (Center for Professional Responsibility)

On-Demand CLE/Webinars

Cyber Threat Awareness and Creative Strategies for Managing Risk, November 2023 (Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division)

Cybersecurity for Attorneys: Start with the Basics, June 2023 (Law Practice Division) 

Remote Work: Ethically Do More with Less Time, June 2023 (Law Practice Division)

Ransomware Threats: Prevention Tips and Response Strategies, February 2023 (Infrastructure and Regulated Industries Section)

Cybersecurity: Navigating Ethical Challenges, February 2023 (ABA) 

Cybersecurity at a Turning Point, January 2023 (ABA)

What Constitutes Reasonable Measures to Protect Confidential Information, July 2022 (ABA)


Addressing New and Evolving Technologies in the Practice of Law, Business Law Section (December 6, 2023)

Exploring the Evolving Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Practice of Law with Chris Hoofnagle, Business Law Section (April 19, 2023)

Building Your Technological Knowledge, Business Law Section (February 13, 2023)

Insurance, Bots, and Data Privacy: A View into the World of Cybersecurity, Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (May 24, 2021)


  • Resolution 112 on the emerging ethical and legal issues related to AI in the legal profession, August 2019 (Science & Technology Law Section)
  • Report and Resolution 109 encourages  It encourages private and public sector organizations to develop, implement, and maintain an appropriate cybersecurity program that complies with applicable ethical and legal obligations, and is tailored to the nature and scope of the organization, and the data and systems to be protected, August 2014 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force)
  • Report and Resolution 118 condemning intrusions into computer systems and networks utilized by lawyers and law firms and urges federal, state, and other governmental bodies to examine and amend existing laws to fight such intrusions, August 2013 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force)
  • Cybersecurity Legal Task Force: Five Principles,  November 2012 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force) 
  • Resolution 105A, amending the black letter and Comments to Model Rules 1.0, 1.6, and 4.4, and the Comments to Model Rules 1.1 and 1.4 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, August 2012 


The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook, Third Ed. (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force 2022)

Vendor Contracting Cybersecurity Checklist (2nd) Cybersecurity Legal Task Force 2021)

ABA Cybersecurity TechReport (Law Practice Division 2023)

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: What Legal Professionals Should Know (Law Practice Division 2022) 

Survey of the Law of Cyberspace: An Introduction

Tips, Lists, and Other ABA Resources

State Data Security Law: An Overview

Regulating and Litigating Biometric Privacy Rights

Avoiding AI Agreement Dystopia: Managing Key Risks in AI Licensing Deals