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Cybersecurity for Attorneys: Addressing the Legal and Ethical Duties, Law Practice Today, November 2019 (David Ries)

A Road Map for Lawyers with Cybersecurity Paralysis, Law Practice Magazine, Volume 45 Issue 4, July, 2019

Books and Book Chapters

Theodore L. Banks, “Cybersecurity for the Little Guys,” Chapter 9 in The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook, Second Ed. (ABA 2018) (Check out this review of the Handbook to learn more)

Bill Spernow and Daniel B. Garrie, Law Firm Cybersecurity (ABA 2017)

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene, Technology Tips for Lawyers and Other Business Professionals  (ABA 2016)

Sharon D. Nelson, David G. Ries and John W. Simek, Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers, Second Ed. (ABA 2016)

CLE's, Webinars, and Programming

(Materials) Cybersecurity is not One Size Fits All:  Addressing Night and Day Differences for Solos/Small Firms, Megafirms, Companies, Government, and Nonprofits

(Audio Recording)  (CLE Materials) Law Firm Cybersecurity Requirements You Never Dreamed Of: Emerging Threats, Ethical Obligations to Clients, and Survival Tactics

(5-Part On-Demand CLE Series) Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call: The Business You Save Might Be Your Own


2019 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report Vol II: Technology Basics & Security, October, 2019

TECHREPORT Summary (2018)

Tips, Lists, and Other ABA Resources

Cybersecurity in Small Law Firms: A Survey