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Election Cybersecurity

ABA, Government, and other resources on cybersecurity and elections, election disinformation, and more

ABA Policy

Election Disinformation, August 2020 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force)

Civic Education and Digital Literacy, August 2020 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force)

Election Cybersecurity,  February 2020 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force)

Modernization and Improvement of Voter Registration Practices, Databases, and Networks, August 2010 (Standing Committee on Election Law)

Political Activity and the Internet, July 2000 (Standing Committee on Election Law)

ABA Resources

ABA Entities and Initiatives

Poll Worker, Esq. 

Cybersecurity Legal Task Force

Grassroots Action Center

Section of State and Local Government Law

Standing Committee on Election Law

Standing Committee on Law and National Security

ABA Programming and Podcasts

(Webinar Recording) Election Security Panel, October 2020 (Public Contract Law Section)

(Podcast) How do CISA and the intelligence community protect American elections? Ft. Dan Sutherland, October 2020 (Standing Committee on Law and National Security)

(Resources Page) The Race Is On: Getting Ahead of Disinformation, Disruption, and Other Digital Threats to Elections (Internet of Things National Institute; Artificial Intelligence and Robotics National Institute) (September-October 2020)

(On-Demand CLE) Hacking Democracy: Elections and Beyond Showcase Program July 2020 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force; Standing Committee on Law and National Security) ABA log-in required for viewing. View CLE materials here

(Podcast) Elections are Critical Infrastructure, Pt. 2 with Megan Stifel and Andrew Borene September 2019 (Standing Committee on Law and National Security)

(Podcast) Elections are Critical Infrastructure, Pt. 1 with Megan Stifel and Andrew Borene September 2019 (Standing Committee on Law and National Security)

(On-Demand CLE) Hacking Elections: Cyber Threats, Vulnerabilities, and the Way Forward March 2019 (Cybersecurity Legal Task Force)

(On-Demand CLE) Democracy on the Edge: Security, eVoting, and the Challenge of Verifying the People's Choice February 2018 (Criminal Justice Section)

ABA Publications

America Votes! Challenges to Modern Election Law and Voting Rights (4th), December 2019

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Beyond the Ballot: How the Kremlin Works to Undermine the U.S. Justice System (May 2019)

CSIS Election Cybersecurity Scorecard: The Outlook for 2018, 2020, and Beyond (October 2018)

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

View CISA's #PROTECT2020 initiative.

You can view these and other CISA resources in CISA's Election Security Resource Library.

Actions to Counter Email-Based Attacks on Election-Related Entities (September 2020) 

Campaign Checklist: Securing Your Cyber Infrastructure

Disinformation Stops with You Toolkit

Guide to Vulnerability Reporting for America's Election Administrators (July 2020)

Cyber Incident Detection and Notification Planning Guide for Election Security (July 2020)

Mail-in Voting in 2020 Infrastructure Risk Assesment and Infographic (July 2020)

Election Infrastructure Cyber Risk Assessment and Infographic (July 2020)

Election Security Plans and Reports and Election Security Infographics (June 2020)

Cyberspace Solarium Commission

U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission Final Report (March 2020)

Executive Summary (March 2020)


The FY20 National Defense Authorization Act included key cybersecurity provisions:

  • Requires the Director of National Intelligence and Department of Homeland Security to brief Congress, state and local governments, campaigns, and parties when there is a significant cyber intrusion or attack
  • Expands and expedites security clearances for election officials
  • Requires the development of strategy to counter foreign influence
  • The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is required to designate a lead counterintelligence official for election security

Proposed Legislation

Cyber Navigators Act to help election officials address cyber vulnerabilities (August 2020)