Cybersecurity Legal Task Force

The ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force serves as a clearinghouse regarding cybersecurity activities, policy proposals, advocacy, publications, and resources.

Recording: Annual Meeting CLE Showcase Program

Hacking Democracy: Elections and Beyond

Moderated by Harvey Rishikof, ft. panelists Suzanne Spaulding, Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, and the Hon. James McPherson, with welcoming remarks by Judy Perry Martinez. NOTE: You will need to log-in to the ABA’s member/customer login page to access the on-demand CLE Showcase Programs.

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Showcase Program Materials

View the Showcase Program Table of Contents and CLE materials.

Resolutions Passed

Disinformation Resolution (300A) and Civic Education Resolution (300B)

The ABA House of Delegates passed our resolutions at the 2020 ABA Virtual Annual Meeting.

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COVID-19 Resources

Government policy and guidance, ABA policy and programming, and more cybersecurity resources for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Cybersecurity Handbook for All Attorneys and Law Firms

The State Bar of Texas reviews our ACLEA Award-winning Handbook.

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Vendor Contracting Cybersecurity Checklist

In partnership with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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ABA Journal Series: 'Digital Dangers'

Cyber topics lawyers need to know, from practice management tips on cyber insurance to questions about decrypting digital evidence.

A joint production of the ABA Journal and the ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force.

Message from Past President Laurel Bellows

"We live In a world where our national security is threatened by cyberterrorists, and where private enterprise is forced to respond to cybertheft of intellectual property on a daily basis. The ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force is examining risks posed by criminals, terrorists and nations that seek to steal personal and financial information, disrupt critical infrastructure, and wage cyberwar. When our national security and economy are threatened, lawyers will not stand on the sidelines."- Laurel Bellows Past President, American Bar Association